#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 11 – 12

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Episodic Impressions

Episode 11

  • Margarine (pun on the manga magazine, Margaret).
  • This begs the question…what happened to the “real” Makoto? The one “Makoto” got her name from?
  • …what the actual heck is up with Fail Kitagawa and Yuichi here? (weak LOL)
  • Shiori sounds like people during quarantine…LOL (?)
  • genius move, Yuichi. You got Shiori ice cream in The Cup (well, that’s what it says on that packaging!).
  • I wonder…exactly how common is it for translators to scrub the illeist habits from some characters? I mean, it looks awkward, but it’s in the source, and it’s not unheard of in English, or else why would I know the word for it…?
  • These shots of Nayuki look like they were CGs from the game (…or just one of Nayuki’s sprites?). I have some pretty good intuition about where CGs appear, based on poses and whatnot.
  • After playing the “cavity prevention” part over a few times, it sounds like Yuichi is saying something to the tune of “shiba yohou” (or is that “chiba yohou”?)…which I can’t really make heads or tails of. (Some kind of warning? That’s what yohou could mean.) The word for “ball” as used on the poster is “butoukai”, so that wouldn’t be it. Update: After digging a bit, I found a transcript of the dialogue and turns out it’s mushiba yobou, which indeed means “cavity prevention”. So every translation has indeed been correct on that front (even the version of this episode I found utilising the CC on YouTube).
  • I didn’t think Ayu and Nayuki would ever meet each other, let alone gang up on Yuichi like that…
  • Wow, I haven’t seen a phone like that in a while (with the whole set of buttons on the side and the curly cord).
  • I’m pretty sure Irina once used this exact GIF of Yuichi and Ayu doing their “dance moves” with their cutlery, possibly sped up to look like a proper dance.
  • Did she (Mai) just eat that negitoro without soya sauce? Blasphemy! (<- kidding)
  • This business about a Zushio and Anju seems to be a Mori Ougai work which seems to most commonly be called “Sansho the Bailiff”. It was adapted into a jidaigeki by Kenji Mizoguchi, so there’s English details about it.
  • I wonder if Kaori has a dress…?
  • I want a GIF of Yuichi raising Mai’s hands.
  • I’ve never had one, but from my knowledge of popular culture (read: seeing a Yoshinoya in Hong Kong…of all the places…) I know that’s a Yoshinoya beef bowl. Beef bowls have a reputation for being cheap food…kind of like McDonald’s in the US, but with more nutrition. (Hmm, come to think of it, I remember reading somewhere McDonald’s is seen as prestigious food in some places…I think it was Indonesia or somewhere?…to the point where people will get the cheapest food on the menu and then do Foodstagram (or other social media) of them eating the food to “prove” they ate at McDonald’s. Learning that made quite the impression on me, because…well, it’s McDonald’s.)
  • Personally, I’d prefer more sauce rather than less.
  • According to the transcript of the episode I found, “hachimitsu kuma” is the phrase used and that indeed translates to “honey bear”, although it’s not specifically referring to honey badgers or anything of the sort (which is how I took it).

Episode 12

  • …wow, 2000 yen? (In my regional currency right now, approx. $25.) That’s a lotta money, kid!Yuichi.
  • “…what are you doing in the middle of the night?” – Good question. I was wondering that myself.
  • “Wow, look at all those stars!” – My brain likes to summon up old memories at inopportune moments, so I’ll let you have this YouTube video of a game I used to play (the disc is probably still around somewhere…). Check about 16:05 in that video – that’s what I heard in my head while I was watching.
  • I’m bad with heights too, although I’m fine if I have secure footing and I’m not in a thing that rocks and sways (like one of those Ferris wheel carriages where the wind blows in…I was on one of those once and got somewhat freaked out), so I get what Ayu means.
  •  “Fight!” – I don’t think I’ve ever seen ganbarimasu translated to that before. It seems slightly odd, although it can be seen as a legit way to translate it.
  • Japan doesn’t really have a concept of “homeschooling”, I don’t think, so maybe…Ayu doesn’t have school due to health reasons…? Update: Or maybe because her folks aren’t home, she’s playing hooky to search for her lost item (and eat taiyaki)?
  • Seeing Shiori eat this ice cream makes me want some…I had some really nice coffee ice cream in Japan last year, even though I don’t like coffee normally, and now I want some…*drools* Japanese ice cream is good, man…Yukimi daifuku is also good…so is mochi ice cream…*continues to drool*
  • Whose arc is this? It’s meant to be Mai’s, right? There’s all this Shiori and Ayu stuff going on in the B and C plots that it’s hard to tell…
  • Hmm? What if Shiori has a Mai (Sakurajima) sort of thing going on? What if she’s been scrubbed from her family’s memory, like Sana from Magia Record?
  • The human capacity to cope with any sadness, given enough time to heal, is really quite amazing.
  • …I didn’t even notice Mai had pierced ears until now. (Or maybe they’re clip-on earrings?)
  • According to the transcript for this episode, “monkey dance” is indeed the word for what Yuichi says…(Googling for confirmation gives you either Dance Monkey (by Tones and I) or this, so…yeah, probably the latter, like I was thinking all along.)
  • …I forgot what the name of this waltz is, but I’m sure I’ve heard it before…you hear it a lot when you need an elegant dance to do.
  • …oh no. S*** happened. (<- understated reaction of the year)

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