#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 13 – 15

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Episodic Impressions

Episode 13

  • Apparently, a trio is to 3 like what a duet is to 2.
  • Hmm, only one girl on the entire student council? That seems unbalanced.
  • …hah? So Kitagawa isn’t a Fail like I pegged him to be. Your title is rescinded. (Come to think of it, there’s always this guy (<- gender neutral usage of the word) in media shown to fail a lot and yet, when he succeeds, you don’t see it. It means the audience gains an expectation that said guy will fail and it means that their success is all the more surprising. They’re called the Butt Monkey on TV Tropes.)
  • “…glasses in the middle of the night?” – Shouldn’t “glasses” be singular…?
  • Mai’s hair is…kinda long. Not Jakurai long, but still pretty darn long.
  • Oh! I seem to recall I had a background once which was the same shade of blue as the sky in Kanon. It might be from Kanon.

Episode 14

  • Gah…don’t tell me Nayuki has a route soon? You already know from Perfect Insider I’m not so happy with romantic relations between cousins (or other relations of that nature).
  • Why does Mai keep putting -san on animals’ names? (LOL)
  • Here’s some words I want to say for Mai’s arc: *yells for a second* Shonen training arc!
  • “Sayuri may not look it, but is very athletic.” – “She” is a 2nd person pronoun, so…I don’t see why a 3rd person person like Sayuri can’t say it.
  • I know I shouldn’t be laughing, given a friendship just got broken up, but…LOL, “Toriaezu Beer” (on the tram).
  • I have the volume on mute, so…does the dub and/or the Japanese reflect this shift to 1st person…?
  • …considering this is meant to be Sad Girls in the Snow, I can tell Kazuya is going to die…please don’t die, Kazuya!
  • I never thought I’d see a heartfelt confession at (water) gunpoint in my life…one that almost brought me to tears…
  • …and finally they drop the explanation for why Kanon is…well, Canon. (Sort of.)
  • Man, phone booths these days are basically extinct. There’s only one on the shopping street where I volunteer and no one uses it.
  • If you both think it’s your individual faults, then…it’s both your faults.

Episode 15

  • A sonatine is apparently also called a sonatina, which is a name I know a bit better (a small sonata).
  • Please don’t let Mai die too! This is giving me bad Makoto vibes all over again!!!
  • Is this “friend” Yuichi, by any chance?
  • Did Yuichi just wink at Mai…?
  • …and of course, the mother is dying. *sigh* There is such a thing as emotion overload, y’know.
  • …huh? Why am I so sure I’ve seen this kind of bunny before? I even slightly got de va ju when small Mai brought the snowball to her mother. Update: Apparently there are snow bunnies in Natsume Yuujincho…but I haven’t watched that. How did I know about it? *scare chord plays in background*
  • D-Don’t hurt me like this, Kanon! You’re trying to bring me to crying point, darn anime! I will not give in! (Note: This is dredging up memories of my grandma. You really shouldn’t attack me there, anime – I only lost her in April…)
  • So is Kanon actually…a story of acceptance? Update after finishing the ep.: I guess you could say that.
  • Was Mai the demon all along?…not quite, it seems.
  • A-hah! The friend was Yuichi!
  • Why is it that Yuichi has to lose everyone he loves?! (I wanna throttle something and ask that, but I don’t have anything to throttle…!) Update: He doesn’t lose her in the end, but he did think for a moment that he lost her and that’s what I was rambling about in that moment. *erhem* Please excuse my rollercoaster of emotions.
  • …That was close. I very, nearly, almost came close to crying…but man, I couldn’t help but see myself in Mai’s story. That’s how people empathise with each other.

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