A Magical 2020

Like 2019, I’ll leave a number at the end of the name of the work to indicate which month I finished each entry in. However, this time I put // to indicate which ones are tied and which are not (i.e. anything grouped together with a “(tie)” should have the same score). Normally I would sift through each entry and rank it by enjoyment as well, but I watched too much to remember this time so I’m only using my list ratings as a guide for this post.

Top (?) 10 Worst Dropped Anime 2020 According to My AniList Rating

  1. Kyojinzoku no Hanayome (tie)
  2. Get Up! Get Live! (tie)
  3. Plunderer
  4. Lapis Re:Lights (tie)
  5. A3! Season Spring and Summer (marked for reevaluation, due to the summer troupe apparently being better than the spring troupe) (tie)
  6. Kamisama ni Natta Hi/The Day I Became a God
  7. Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko/By the Grace of the Gods
  8. Princess Connect Re:Dive
  9. Hatena Illusion
  10. Tonikaku Kawaii

Note I only had 11 drops this year (+ Vlad Love, meant to be airing in 2021), mostly due to my focus on backlog and inability to catch up to simulcasts after the COVID slump (the final anime is Somali). Only Get Up! Get Live! is a possible copout at less than 5 minutes. Works here are rated 30 – 60, meaning I’ve gotten less harsh on things.

Most of these anime made it here because the comedy wasn’t for me or there was fanservice not aimed at me. Some of these were just really vanilla though, such as By the Grace of the Gods.

Non-simulcast Anime Rating

  1. Fate/Zero s2 (1)
  2. F/Z s1 (1)
  3. Rolling Girls (8)
  4. F/SN UBW s2 (2)
  5. F/SN UBW (2) (tie)
  6. Runway de Waratte (tie) (4)
  7. //
  8. GitS AAA (tie) (9)
  9. Dimension W (tie) (9)
  10. Hanako-kun (tie) (4)
  11. //
  12. Wandering Son (tie) (5)
  13. Re: Zero (tie) (11)
  14. D-Frag (5)
  15. CCS (8)
  16. Detective Waver (tie) (3)
  17. Amagi (tie) (6)
  18. //
  19. New Game!! (tie) (9)
  20. Muhyo and Roji’s BSI s1 (tie) (7)
  21. Perfect Insider (tie) (6)
  22. Frankenstein Family (tie) (8)
  23. Prisma Illya (3)
  24. Elfen Lied (8)
  25. School Days (tie) (1)
  26. Kochoki (tie) (5)
  27. Argonavis (tie) (8)
  28. Nobunaga Concerto (8)
  29. Genei (11)
  30. Venus Project: Climax (7)
  31. Druaga no Tou: Aegis of Uruk (5)

…even not counting the //s, there’s over 20 anime here! Chibi Tamago and realising I could do monthlies if I just abused the “no time limit” rule really took a toll on me and I know I burnt myself out thrice in November alone, with only one of those instances due to a movie (the Heaven’s Feel movies found in the ranking below).


  • The best month for this ranking was August.

Movies/OVAs/Short ONAs Rating

  1. Heroes Rising (12)
  2. Human Lost (9)
  3. Inferno Cop (tie) (9)
  4. Akira (tie) (3)
  5. Eva Rebuild movie 2 (tie) (4)
  6. Heaven’s Feel movie 2 (11) (tie)
  7. //
  8. Kimi to Nami ni Noretara (tie) (8)
  9. Zenonzard (11) (tie)
  10. Heaven’s Feel movie 1 (11) (tie)
  11. //
  12. Dragon Dentist (tie) (3)
  13. Einzbern Consultation Room (tie) (3)
  14. //
  15. Hakumei no Tsubasa (tie) (8)
  16. WSJ s1 (11) (tie)
  17. //
  18. Eva Rebuild movie 3 (tie) (4)
  19. Amagi OVA (tie) (5)
  20. BnHA: 2 Heroes (4)
  21. Eva Rebuild movie 1 (4)
  22. Hello World (4)
  23. Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita (tie) (2)
  24. Suki ni Naru Kono Shunkan wo (tie) (2)
  25. //
  26. Kick-Heart (12)
  27. Sprites of Floria (tie) (1)
  28. Ometetooru Hero (tie) (3)
  29. CCS movie 2 (tie) (9)
  30. A Whisker Away (tie) (6)
  31. Baja’s Studio: The Sea Baja Saw (tie) (9)
  32. BnHA OVA (tie) (9)
  33. ACCA OVA (4)
  34. Animatrix (2)
  35. Minegishi-san wa Otsu wo Tabesasetai (7)
  36. Inferno Cop: Fact Files (9)
  37. Burn the Witch (10) (tie)
  38. Totsukuni no Shoujo (12) (tie)
  39. //
  40. Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou (tie) (6)
  41. Kyochuu Rettou OVA (tie) (9)
  42. Wakakozake (7)
  43. Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within (tie) (2)
  44. Illya-jou (tie) (3)
  45. Ameya Tanuki (8)
  46. Fudanshi Shoukan (10)
  47. Henkei Shoujo (2)

Wow, that’s about 40 entries without //s!


  • The best month for this ranking was September.
  • As of compiling this main list on December 7th, if you count all the ads, music videos and so on alongside everything I completed in 2020, that makes up 23% of my completed list (rounding to the nearest whole percent). From the stats I gathered in 2018 from my resolutions, I normally watch about 10 days’ worth of anime about every 9 months, but just using that projection and noting December 2020 is exactly 3 groups of 9 months after I set those resolutions, I’ve exceeded that by 7.4 days (…mostly because there was a point where I realised I remembered a lot more of Mermaid Melody than I thought I did, which brought that stat up significantly).
  • The random donghua called Wan Sheng Jie was from one of my challenges. It’s quite popular in the AniList Anime Watching Club’s Cute Boys Club channel, which I occasionally wander in. Likewise, if you haven’t heard of something, it’s likely it was for a watching challenge.
  • Fudanshi Shoukan and Minegishi-san wa Otsu wo Tabesasetai are BL anime found on YouTube, which are 8 minutes each (4 eps x 2 mins). The latter was kinda good so I watched the former…but the former needed more time to actually do stuff.
  • COVID also made some things available when they wouldn’t have been otherwise. Notably, the Eva rebuilds were only streaming for part of April without English subs, so I binged them in 2 days…which was a pretty bad decision on my part, in retrospect, considering I didn’t comprehend some of what happened in the 3rd movie without reading the Wikipedia page.

Simulcast Anime Rating

Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be possible to finish all the anime I need to complete this ranking for a while, because there’s over 100 eps. to watch if you count all of Healin’ Good PreCure (<- the main reason why I’ve fallen behind, since it takes up about 20% of that), so I’ll rank what I have. Therefore, here’s the list that should have made it that didn’t make it, in no particular order, and how far I got with those as of the time of writing to shame my future self into finishing them:

  • Bakarina (1 ep.)
  • Sing Yesterday for Me (1 ep)
  • Wave, Listen to Me (2 eps)
  • God of High School (3 eps)
  • Muhyo and Roji’s BSI s2 (2 eps)
  • Healin’ Good PreCure (13 eps – notably it’s eps. 1 – 4 and then 13 – 21, as opposed to being in order)
  • Fruits Basket s2 (9 eps – notably it’s 1 – 4, 14 and 24, as opposed to being in order)
  • Deca-Dence (6 eps.)

That leaves me with these, with something that has no notes being finished in its entirety. Note I also fell behind on fall anime, so this ranking will also note how far I am, as of writing this ranking up:

  1. Appare-Ranman
  2. ID: Invaded
  3. Eizouken
  4. Akudama Drive (8 eps.)
  5. HypMic (12/13 eps = all caught up, final ep. the week this post goes out)
  6. Yuukoku no Moriarty (10/11 eps, returns in 2021)
  7. Maou-jou de Oyasumi (6 eps.)
  8. Magia Record
  9. BnHA 4 (up 3 from last time)
  10. Taiso Samurai (6 eps.)
  11. Idolish7 Second Beat! (9 eps.)
  12. Uchitama
  13. Yashahime (5 eps.)
  14. Arte
  15. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (2019 carryover, down 1 position from last time)
  16. Fugou Keiji
  17. Koi to Producer


  • As would be expected based on the imbalance in lists, COVID played a big part in falling behind. This also means spring and summer were the worst losers, due to my decision to let postponed anime hold on to their spots.
  • I stayed mostly consistent with 17 anime (normally I’d have 19 – 20). Chibi Tamago means I finished some winter 2020 anime outside this ranking, on top of that.
  • Despite the fact I love both Appare and ID, I think the latter is more flawed.
  • Koi to Producer was the only anime that could actually be called “bad” in any sense, due to both rushing content and animation quality, but most of these were awesome at best and average at worst.
  • HypMic was my Boueibu of this year and it shows. Looking at the anime objectively reveals it has a lot of flaws – most notably, its plot is paper-thin at points (lookin’ at you, Halloween episode…), which is something you can’t say about the drama tracks or manga – but it makes you wonder where 24 minutes has gone when you hit the end credits, in the best way possible. It’s this infectious sense of fun that’s carried me through everything 2020 threw at me and that’s why I’ve gone above and beyond for the series this year. COVID permitted me to laser-focus on things I was obssessed with too, so even I got scared by how carried away I got with my own hype at times. I sincerely apologise if I seemed a bit stupid or one-track-mind in service of this – hopefully 2021 means balancing things out more.

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