#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 19 – 20

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Episodic Impressions

Episode 19

  • LOL, I think it’s ironic Yuichi seems to have forgotten to remember Ayu.
  • Fure’ai…it means something like “mutual contact”, like “you can touch something at the same time” kind of contact.
  • Did Shiori ever learn kanji…? Her message is just in hiragana.
  • In this snowy town, everyone knows everyone, so word spreads quickly. That’s the sort of magic only a location like that can capture. Conversely, there’s also something magical about when the sun goes down on a sparkling city, don’t you think? (That’s where some of my love for urban fantasy comes from.)
  • …good thing Yuichi didn’t trash Kitagawa’s bike, huh?
  • …did I do the Frozen reference already? I might have, so I’ll refrain from doing it this time. I’m in a bit of a hurry, because I left my Kanon and Sailor Moon ATWs for the same day again and that low-key stresses me out (but I also have some other stuff to do around/between it). Update: I know Jon says “no rush” on these ATWs, but being timely and catching up to people’s discussion for 4 – 6 episodes each week is a much bigger feat than it sounds.
  • Guh! *shivers* I keep forgetting Nayuki is a legitimate love interest in the game…Lemme guess, he likes Ayu? Update: You’ll find out…later in this batch of episodes.
  • Where does Yuichi get this money though? We never hear about his parents and he probably doesn’t go begging Mrs Akiko for money all the time…it would be too much of a burden on her, I think.
  • I get the feeling the hats (in the background, while Yuichi asks for hints) were painted in…which isn’t something you see much these days anymore.
  • This tree looks like the one in Erased, no?
  • I don’t think any stars were yellow until now.
  • I get the feeling in the VN, Nayuki would announce when the day was over before the thing brought you to a menu where you could advance the love interests’ stats…(I’m too genre-savvy for my own good.)
  • How popular was the glomp back in the day…? I don’t remember anymore.
Just look at that spraypaint snow! (Source: Kanon ep. 19)
  • LOL, it’s basically Bench-kun from Oresuki! (I was thoroughly entertained by the fact it has its own page on the Oresuki wiki.) Someone seems to have used the Paint [program] spraycan tool on this bench to replicate fallen snow, too, which makes this funnier.

Episode 20

  • “Nocturne” has an E on the end, people. Update: Apparently “nocturn” is a Roman Catholic concept if you google it, but…that’s not the thing Kanon was going for.
  • I almost always skip over love confessions. They’re so long and drawn-out…
  • This separation of Nayuki and Yuichi + Ayu is interesting shot composition, for sure. (Normally, I only take interest in when the characters are visually separated by some kind of object, which I remember seeing examples of in a late episode of Gridman and in Kiznaiver, among other anime.)
  • …I also don’t really like shots where female characters’ mouths are sexily emphasised like that, which generally happens within moments of kissing or for femme fatale characters.
  • …that’s one ugly CGI duck…
  • I guess since this was 2006, teens in those days weren’t texting and Instagramming (or whatever) as much. Also considering this is a snowy town in the middle of nowhere, they would probably not see each other much outside school if they didn’t specifically arrange for such a thing to happen.
  • Cubic equation? Oh, what?! …you don’t even need that kind of equation for most jobs…*continues to grumble about maths for a few seconds*
  • Knowing Ayu, the thing she’s missing probably has to do with taiyaki…(LOL)
  • …aw, this just devolved into a tepid romance straight out of the 2000s (…which, unfortunately, it basically is). If things don’t get wacky soon, I may have to threaten to abandon ship…which is not advisable, considering I’ll then have to slog through the last 4 episodes with the most minimal interest possible. (<- Note after I even threaten to abandon ship, my interest in the thing drastically decreases.)
  • *snark mode* Maybe the real treasure we found was the friends and romance we found along the way. *exits snark mode*
  • All these Ayu close-ups remind me that people attribute the largeness of anime eyes to “better expressiveness”. (I beg to differ on that, sometimes.)
  • I don’t think I even noticed Ayu calling herself “boku”.
  • *tries not to laugh* Ayu??? Using ore (a manly 1st person pronoun)??? *covers mouth to stop laughing* If I didn’t know any better and this was, say, my introduction to Japanese 1st person pronouns, I know my reaction wouldn’t be like this, but…LOL. Normally, changing pronouns indicates a drastic change in one’s life, much like how Sayuri switched to 1st person earlier in this anime.
  • Atashi suggests feminine elegance in a sense. Watashi is the most gender-neutral and considered to be the most polite, so it’s hard(er, depending on context?) to get a read on a person who uses that.
  • (copy-pasted tweet->) Question for AniTwitWatches folks: Are oversized clothes on a girl cute, do you think? (Trying to figure out why they would include such an obvious fanservice moment in Kanon.)
  • Is that a Walk-holy s***! It’s a CD player! (<- *suddenly droops when they realise they still remember floppy discs, but then have such a reaction to a CD player* It seems Spotify and the internet rendered music-listening-specific technology mostly obsolete.)
  • Note the “Kanon” on the magazine Yuichi was reading.
  • That’s one fluffy bird.
  • Ah, so Mrs Akiko does work…That’s exactly what I was thinking, Yuichi.
  • A tree? Y’mean, the big Erased-style one on the hill I was referring to last episode?
  • There was a shot of a flower – probably a lily – for a second, so I guess someone died. Maybe it was Ayu’s mother…?
  •  Why do I get the feeling this school doesn’t exist…?
  • If (almost all of) Ayu’s entire existence is a lie…what’s she looking for? The school?
  • The question is, here…what actually happened? Was Ayu some figment of Yuichi’s imagination all along and he was in a mental asylum or something? Update: Come to think about it, nothing in anime is ever true until it’s actually explicitly shown or proven otherwise, due to the limitations of an audiovisual medium. Since Ayu always acted like going to school was a reality for her, we, the audience, never assumed it was false, because people her age normally go to school…and that’s how some people get sucker-punched in the guts with feels at this stuff (the emotional stuff Key specialises in). They believe in what is actually a logical fallacy, both within a plot and within reality.

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  1. “Her message is just in hiragana.”

    Why is this significant?

    “Guh! *shivers* I keep forgetting Nayuki is a legitimate love interest in the game…Lemme guess, he likes Ayu? Update: You’ll find out…later in this batch of episodes.”

    I was hoping this wasn’t true. I figured it was based on the line, but I was hoping.

    “Where does Yuichi get this money though? We never hear about his parents and he probably doesn’t go begging Mrs Akiko for money all the time…it would be too much of a burden on her, I think.”

    I was wondering this myself.


    1. Hiragana: I was thinking along the lines of Shiori not learning kanji implies her not having as much education as the others. Either that, or she’s not as intelligent as the others.

      Nayuki/Ayu: Based on the key visuals, both Nayuki and Ayu are legitimate love interests (despite the former also being Yuichi’s cousin…fun (?) fact: in an effort to confirm this, I discovered marriage between 1st cousins is legal in Japan). The “you’ll find out” was referring to the bit about Ayu at the end.

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