#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 21 – 22

Warning: brief discussions about death and suicide below.

Previous eps.

Episodic Impressions

Episode 21

  • C’mon, let’s get this finished. Then I can move on to winter 2021 premieres…*has only watched Skate-Leading Stars and Vladlove at this point, so is worried about how big the premiere pile is*
  • *hears about Ayu’s “school”* – I’m getting a sinking feeling Ayu’s wish came true in a way…be careful what you wish for…?
  • A rondo. I actually know this one from music classes – it goes ABA, ABACA or ABACABA where the letters stand for recurring parts…that’s probably from when I was playing Fur Elise just before I quit piano.
  • Schrodinger! When they just showed Piro! Does that mean everyone in this anime is alive but dead…? Like Angel Beats? (<- Is that something I’ve been spoilt on too much…? Haven’t finished that anime, due to being too slow on watching it while it was available via limited-time streaming.)
  • I’ve noticed Kanon never once does panty shots. I’m thankful for that, actually.
  • Uguu, auu and now unyuu…these SFX…they’re multiplying!
  • Lemme guess, in the finale Yuichi digs up the angel and makes a wish for Ayu and/or everyone else he lost to come back?
  • This bunny scene reminds me of the story of the dragon which came to life once its eyes were painted in…I forget exactly what story it is, but I think it’s either Chinese or Japanese.
  • I think the spade said it was [property of] the gardening club.
  • Isn’t the bunny gonna melt on Nayuki’s head…?
  • …this is just another sinking feeling after another…

Episode 22

  • Can I tell you something personal? It’s meant to be a secret…see, my paternal grandma passed away last year in April due to old age (although at the end of her life, she couldn’t be treated to the fullest partially due to COVID concerns). However, my maternal grandma was found – half a week ago – lying on the floor with no pulse. I still don’t know why she passed away exactly, but because the news was so sudden, I can relate to Nayuki. I still remember being in a state of shock for several minutes after hearing about it and because most of my relatives on that side are in Hong Kong (border closures and all due to COVID, plus it’s a trip from the nearest city to a larger city, and from there to HK at the moment due to such things), I can’t see her, which makes it worse…*silently cries for a few seconds*
  • Yuichi was probably crying because he had to leave or because Ayu left him or something, knowing him.
  • The manga is probably a parody on Kaze to Ki no Uta (by Keiko Takemiya) or Rose of Versailles (by Riyoko Ikeda). The former is considered BL’s progenitor (but just based on the title + author and maybe an image, you can see hints of it in there), but the latter seems to be where this manga gets its story from. Update: Or maybe it’s just a general parody of 70s shoujo manga…*shrugs* Take your pick.
  • “…I’m all alone.” – That’s not true, you have Yuichi, Nayuki.
  • …imagine how badly this relationship would have turned out if texts were in play? Or social media messages? LOL, just this once I’m glad this anime reflects the time it was made in.
  • *Ayu falls out of the tree* – …sorry to break you out of an important moment here guys, but there’s a possibility of things aside from death happening after you fall off a tree. A concussion, perhaps, or a spinal injury (which could explain why Ayu can’t move), or a broken limb…
  • Good job, Yuichi. You’re in love with a dead girl. Now I can see where both Clannad and Angel Beats will take things (although I haven’t finished either yet, as of writing this) – you know how I can predict things ahead of time and all.
  • I-Is this a metaphor for suicide…? With Makoto as Yuichi’s “angel” or “saviour”?

Welp, the end is in sight now. I can sort of see the pieces coming together, as you can see in several of the notes.

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