#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 23 – 24

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Episodic Impressions

Episode 23

  • 茜 (akane) actually means “madder”, literally translating, but considering it’s bright red…it’s not that far-fetched to call it “scarlet”, either (although there is a word for scarlet, kurenai).
  • I-Is this by any chance the real Makoto Sawatari…?
  • Maybe Ayu was the one who invented the Naruto run. (<- kidding)
  • From lip reading, one of Ayu’s words was omoide (memory).
  • Lately, I haven’t remembered any dreams. I know that when I get stressed or busy enough, I don’t keep track of them, but even though I’m stressed now (because I left Kanon to the last minute again!)…does this mean the loss of dreams signifies becoming a true adult?
  • Huh? Nayuki’s already plenty strong. Why does she have to be the one to get stronger?

Episode 24

  • Kanon’s kanji literally means “the song that follows the same repetitions”.
  • …you can clearly tell Nayuki was impacted by the time she couldn’t have her mother’s jam…so to speak.
  • Mai’s reading Kachikachiyama…which is a folk tale about a rabbit and a tanuki.
  • So it was Ayu dreaming all along…Ayu was the narrator…Update: Note I didn’t have the volume on at this point, so it could have been Yuichi narrating what he thought Ayu thought for all I know.
  • Notice how Nayuki’s shawl kind of resembles the angel’s wings.
  • LOL, “LOST”.
  • Kitagawa is back to being a Fail, LOL.
  • While Ayu was in a coma, I saw a wheelchair obscuring part of the screen for a bit but then it moved away. It was foreshadowing, maybe…?

Kanon was a bit of a strange experience. I mean, personal stuff happened in the past year which should have made me relate more, but for several of the girls (particularly Shiori and Ayu), I found I just couldn’t relate…Maybe it was because I sometimes left it until the last possible moment (approx. Tues. 2 pm each week in my timezone, which is currently about 20 minutes away as I type this paragraph due to several other things I had to deal with along the way) where it could be discussed and that stressed me out enough to emphasise speed-watching over feeling what Key was asking of me. Or maybe it was just my general dislike of melodrama seeping through, as I knew from the beginning. Maybe it’s even a bit of both…?

I saw Gridman won the poll and I’ve seen that twice (thanks, media manager), so I’ll bow out of round 11.

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