Winter 2021. 1st Ep. Impressions: It’s Egg Time

…I’ve made several egg jokes in this post alone, so naturally I would end up calling my post what I did.

So this is the order I’m taking this time – although a bunch of anime have come out at this point and some have even aired their 2nd or 3rd episodes, I’m gonna take each one roughly as it came out originally, meaning the list looks something like this:


I can see why this anime is the top pick for romance this season. Tomozaki-kun has been seen as a bit misanthropic from some of the gossip I’ve seen around it, but Horimiya is just seen as sweet. The chemistry between its two leads feels genuine and I wouldn’t be afraid to stick this on my favourites list…if it weren’t so darn new, of course.


  • Because I’ve been behind on the premieres, I’ve seen enough to know this boy with the chain is Miyamura.
  • …argh! Miyamura is cute! Y’all were right!!! (<- likes blushing bois)
  • I bet there’s going to be an emergency meeting! Update: Yes.
  • “Sorry, it’s egg time!” – Oh, I’m laughing so hard! So that’s the context behind the Wonder Egg Priority meme!
  • “…see these?!” – Well, it’s not like you have a tattoo or some-*Miyamura shows his tattoos* Never mind…
  • Oh, I just realised they even animate the minute movements of the eyes Miyamura does…cool.
  • Notice how Miyamura is blocked from the other guy due to the window.
  • Miyamura goes “Ishikawa-kun” but “Hori-san”…hmm. No wonder he’s letting Ishikawa get Hori.
  • The problem I find with romance series is that they’re generally tied to heteronormativity. Hori is coded with red silhouettes and Miyamura with blue…*sigh* Whatever happened to gender ambiguity?
  • Good heavens, what is up with this ED?! It looks like Pocoyo! (…Does anyone else know that cartoon…?) Aside from that quibble, this anime is great though.





Mushoku Tensei

Decent, but with perv tendencies. Like some flavours of isekai protagonists (see Kazuma from KonoSuba or Natsuki from Re:Zero), we’re clearly not meant to sympathise with Rudy at first because he’s a ball of pervy-but-talented, but otherwise because Mushoku Tensei is actually predating a lot of the source material of Shousetsuka ni Narou-based anime these days, it feels quite refreshing to know Rudy has to work at becoming OP and so on, so forth.


  • Apparently this is the grandad of all isekai. Why it took so long for an anime of this…who knows?
  • …and of course this guy’s a loser virgin. Go figure.
  • *sighhhhhhhhh* He’s just ogling this woman’s boobs…
  • …oh, sorry. I was so distracted by the man candy, I didn’t care about Rudy.
  • I-It’s actually quite refreshing to not have an OP protagonist from the get-go for once. (Or maybe I’ve developed such a disdain for isekai since SAO rolled around that everything here suddenly feels fresh.)
  • You can see the birthplace of isekai without having watched any of the others right here, it looks like.
  • “…what’s the point of incantations?” – To make it easier for you to cast spells, I gue-spoke too soon.
  • …wow, they shamelessly showed off Rudy’s privates. I know he’s still young at this stage, but that reminds me of how I dropped [the original] Dragon Ball around the time Goku was shown the same way (which is…very early on, by my own admission).
  • I think what most of the isekai that spun off from here missed is that the loser is job age. Losers at life at job age are relatable and high school geniuses are relatable (albeit sometimes insufferable), but losers who become NEETs for no reason whatsoever and then get banged up by Truck-kun are not.
  • Anyways, this was good, but a risky kind of good, since it seems like this male gaze will continue to be around as Rudy gets older.
  • Update: I read some context on this and…hoo boy, that’s a drop-like-a-hot-rock scenario.





Kemono Jihen

Feels like a throwback to the days of yore in the best way possible, both in terms of anime (it feels particularly like an early 2000s series, like Saiyuki) and that sort of feeling like time doesn’t exist which only happens in places like the rural setting this anime begins in. CGI is there, but barely noticeable.


  • Kemono Jihen” means something like “creature incidents”. I wonder why Funimation didn’t change the name…?
  • Kabane means “summer wing”.
  • Kanoko Villa, I’d assume, is named after the deer (“Kanoko” means “deer’s child”).
  • My experience with Sho Aimoto (creator of this manga) is reading a bit of Hokenshitsu no Shinigami. (That, by the way, reminds me of Nube, but it’s nothing spectacular.) However, Hokenshitsu no Shinigami has a very detailed artstyle…That’s why I’m pretty shocked Kemono Jihen has such a scratchy one…
  • Oh, I see…this is like Furuba or a werewolf story, huh? Rather than a Natsume Yuujincho sort of thing.
  • …I thought Inugami and Dorotabo had seen everything of each other because of bathing together…I guess not, then.
  • It seems the “immortal demons” are oni, so…why subtitle them as “immortal demons” and not just “demons”?





Wonder Egg Priority

[Insert egg meme here.]

That was pretty cool, but I’m not sure if I understood everything that was going on. I can see why people are in love with it, but I’m cautiously optimistic on it myself.


  • I’ve been hearing this series is surreal, but no more surreal than Flip Flappers. So…I don’t know if I’ll like it or not.
  • What’s this “K?(?96″…?
  • There’s a sunflower on her raincoat…so that’s why I saw a post called “You’re the sunflower”. Personally, that just reminds me of Post Malone.
  • As Boueibu once said (but I may be paraphrasing here), “nothing is more scary than free”.
  • I always find it slightly absurd when anime girls get a little pudgy and go, “I’m so fat!” (See, for instance, the Dumbbell series.) Or, in this case, Ai’s going, “I’m so ugly!” when there’s nothing wrong with her. She’s only a bit different from everyone else due to her heterochromia – she doesn’t have any physical or mental difficulties.


I think I did this (or something similar) in the past at one point, but for my own reference, I’m going to bold the new/changed entries.


  • Sk8 (1 ep)
  • Horimiya (1 ep)
  • Kemono Jihen (1 ep)
  • Back Arrow (2 eps)
  • Wonder Egg Priority (1 ep)
  • Cells at Work Code Black (1 ep)
  • Skate-Leading Stars (2 eps)


  • 2.43 (1 ep)
  • Kumo Desu Ga (1 ep)
  • Cells at Work!! (1 ep)
  • Hortensia Saga (1 ep)


  • Praeter (1 ep)
  • Tomozaki (2 eps)
  • Suppose a Kid (etc.) (1 ep)
  • Vladlove (1 ep)
  • Mushoku Tensei (1 ep – note this was second-last on the keepers section, above Hortensia Saga, before I read the context)

So how do you like these anime? Are there any other anime I should be checking out this season? (Note I haven’t gotten around to most of them at the time of writing this post due to things like clearing up fall backlog, plus #AniTwitWatches and that translation sucking up more time than I’d like to admit, so it might take a bit until the corresponding post comes out, but you can see my pre-season list here.)

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