Ode to Anime Studios – White Fox

This studio was founded by Gaku Iwasa in April 2007 (White Fox 1999). It’s based in Suginami (White Fox 1999), like many other studios. Previously, it was a spun-off studio from OLM and in turn, it created Studio Bind…(so now you know who’s responsible for the gorgeous animation in this season’s Mushoku Tensei, in a sense.)

Although it’s only been around for so long, it’s responsible for some of the biggest anime series in the past decades, including Steins;Gate and the current Re:Zero. Mostly, they specialise in adaptions, because…well, they only have the one original work, Matoi the Sacred Slayer, which I haven’t heard about since dropping it during its debut. Furthermore, within those adaptions, they generally specialise in fantasy and/or isekai, with works like Grimoire of Zero, Goblin Slayer and Cautious Hero in the list, and they tend to cycle the same few directors…although most studios do that, it’s quite noticeable for White Fox in particular when you have an entire list charted out for you. White Fox is also oddly consistent with having an offering almost once per season, whether that be a new season of something old or a new series (notably, there was a bit of a lag time between the initial entries because Katanagatari rolled out 12 double-length episodes over 12 months, as opposed to the usual weekly schedule).

I started noticing this studio when Hataraku Maou-sama ended up in their care and although I haven’t figured out the exact influence of Naoto Hosoda on the work yet, since I’ve looked at several works from the guy so far, one thing that is undeniable is that Hataraku Maou-sama would not be the beloved underdog I know it as (in comparison to its competition from the time, Attack on Titan and Free) without the animation quality, which facilitates both derpy moments like Suzuno circling a TV (I believe Irina’s used that exact GIF at least once recently) and cool fight scenes, like Maou’s brief but utter smackdown of Lucifer.

So what anime do you like best from this studio? I kind of glossed over a lot of big-picture details about the studio with this post, so I’m sure I missed out on saying something or other that was important…


  • (Normally I’ll try not to use Wikipedia because that’s what I’ve been taught, but for some reason, Wikipedia is always really good at telling you where a studio sits in the scheme of things, such as what studios it spawned. It also, of course, has all the anime listed out in a table so you can see what directors show up where.)
  • White Fox 1999. Company Summary (Japanese). Available from: http://www.w-fox.co.jp/fix/data.htm
  • Wikipedia n.d. White Fox. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Fox

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