A New Challenger Approaches!

…okay, this is actually just a big ol’ play on K’s post.

This “who can you defeat in a fist fight?” meme has been going around for a bit. So, I figured I’d split it into a list post of sorts – 5 characters and 5 bloggers in a situation like this – and let’s. Get. Ready. To. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrumble!


  • This was a bit of a prank filler post I wrote up because I was busy doing other things (including, but not limited to, watching The Amazing Race).
  • No harm was done to any bloggers or anime characters in the making of this post.
  • This is only meant for fun and only from what is known of the participants at the time of writing. If you disagree with the matchups or listed attributes, or even want to suggest new matchups, please use the comment section and be civil.
  • …Also, since I don’t play Smash Bros, I will not be dropping any more memes about that from this point forward.


Strength/s: Planning ahead, multidisciplinary education

Weakness/es: Not terribly good at anything physical (?)

A blogger not particularly trained in anything relating to a fist fight, although all those shonen anime/manga and similar action-based media have taught her a great deal about how the thumb should go on the outside of the fist when punching, or else your fingers will hurt a great deal. Will use strategy – and, when required, some of those spells called “anime” – to outwit others.


Strength/s: Coding, making small talk

Weakness/es: Easily distracted with GIFs and the like (katsudon is one known bait)

A harmless (?) hotpot who apparently once ate Aria (!!!), like the imposter from Among Us would…nonetheless, for some mysterious reason, Aria lives to this day. The shock of the sentient hotpot learning such a thing should mean socking the ingredients out should be an easy feat if that’s the case.

Outcome: Aria wins

(By the way, below is how a hotpot would participate in a fist fight:)


Strength/s: Aerospace Engineering degree (and some college education in English)

Weakness/es: Nala (his dog)

A mech user (?) whose breadth of anime knowledge far exceeds Aria’s. If this were a battle of that, he would win. However, this is not one.

However, no one said anything about bribery, so if Aria just plants some treat for Nala somewhere, far from the scene of the fight to distract Scott…

Outcome: Aria wins


Strength/s: Outgoing nature

Weakness/es: Stays up too late

Ah, the classic elements battle. Who wins: lightning or air?

Outcome: Lita wins (…but only if you believe the Pokemon games on this system – the speed of lightning depends on the air conditions in real life, so take out the air and Lita is useless)


Strength/s: Mysteriousness

Weakness/es: None (?)

K says in the post linked above Aria could take him on any day, but…it’s hard to say. “[V]ague magical power” is one thing, but he already had the ability to create an entire galaxy of planets for the Space is the Place tour and, since then, has bent entire genres of critical writing to his will, which means both movies and anime are putty in his hands.

Outcome: K wins


Strength/s: Alcohol tolerance (mild)

Weakness/es: Non-sequiturs that sometimes lead nowhere

Aria doesn’t drink…

Outcome: Irina wins

Ramuda Amemura (Hypnosis Mic)

Strength/s: Illusions, deceiving appearance and voice

Weakness/es: Cannot live without something sweet on hand

Ramuda wouldn’t take the fist fighting thing serious and would probably tackle-hug Aria before anything ever happens. That would still be counted by…whoever’s bothering to evaluate these things.

(…Is anyone out there actually evaluating these things?)

Outcome: Ramuda wins

Dice Arisugawa (Hypnosis Mic)

Strength/s: Insane luck, connections in unlikely places (generally from when he’s broke)

Weakness/es: Constantly broke, generally portrayed as single-minded and a bit stupid

You know what was said earlier about bribery?

Just pull out the smallest piece of currency you have available that you’re willing to sacrifice, or some food that you have on hand. (Even something expired will do.)

That’s how you distract him long enough to punch his lights out.

Outcome: Aria wins

En Yufuin (Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!)

Strength/s: Water powers, doing things when he puts his mind to them

Weakness/es: Being lazy

Faced with her husbando, Aria would not win. That said, En’s not giving his all to this either…there’s no stakes involved, only pride…

Outcome: Draw (mutual loss)

Saitama (One Punch Man)

Strength/s: Punching

Weakness/es: Gives up fairly easily

He punches things, he defeats them. Simple as that.

…That means even reality-warping won’t help, so long as he connects.

Outcome: Saitama wins

Nadeshiko Kagamihara (YuruCamp)

Strength/s: Camping knowledge, cheerfulness

Weakness/es: Ditziness

On the low chance she’ll win, she’ll do it much like Ramuda does it, with a sneak attack or an element of surprise (maybe with some camping food). However, she’s not primed for fist fighting and…probably just wandered into this situation by accident.

Outcome: Aria wins

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  1. Haha thanks for including me, nice to see someone else’s take on such a silly concept but you did a great fun post. I’m glad that myself and weaknesses have remained a mystery as who doesn’t love the element of surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

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