Must-read Monthly Monday (Feb. ’21 ed.)

If it’s not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 25th of January 2021 to the 22nd of February 2021.

Other People’s Reads

It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…

(…can you tell I rushed this round-up after finishing watching the final 2nd DRB battle? More details on that later in the post.)

  • Are You Drowning in Streaming Services? by Karandi – Karandi seems like she’s back for good and she’s started off with some tough questions. It’s not just a phenomenon restricted to anime these days, so everyone can certainly relate.
  • Anime Blogging Echo Chambers by Irina – Irina’s being her circuitous self again…which means just her usual self and that’s not a bad thing at all. Is it wrong to think we – anime denizens of the internet – are actually wrong in comparison to the general consensus?…that’s hard to say anything about, depending on where you stand, geographically, anime intake-wise and so on.
  • Review | Demon Slayer Eps. 1 – 26 by Annie – Irina mentions this anime in her post, so it’s a good segue. Now that Mugen Train is out in my region Soon (TM) (I’m in no hurry to watch it because a local theatre had a COVID case a while back), it’s time to brush up on Demon Slayer.
  • Let’s Talk About Sailor Moon Season 1: Watching as an Adult and the New Dub by Metal Phantasm Reads – A lot of this stuff isn’t surprising once you get hit with all the differences between the old and the new English versions, but it’s a facinating take nonetheless.
  • Akudama Drive: The Bloody Sci-Fi Action Survival Game You’ve Been Waiting For Review by Takuto – Akudama Drive was cool. Sure, that one fight – the very thing this anime excels at – got snubbed at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards for something more popular, but at least it was fun while it lasted.
  • [Interview] PASH! 2020/5 Edition – IDOLiSH7 Second BEAT! – TRIGGER Special Interview by Mina Hayashi (Saito Soma Archive) – These longer pieces are gonna be the (metaphorical) death of me someday, so I might as well study up before I have to stake a lot on it…Also, it’s exciting that Idolish7 is getting a 3rd season, no? (Even though it might not appear for a while, I’ve listened to some of the songs on Spotify and YouTube, so I sort of know what I’m getting into with that.)
  • Is It Dumb to Get Emotional Over Anime? by Ty-chama (Watashi wa Bucho!!) – This post has been sitting in my folder for a while now and seeing it show up in my folder again makes me a bit nostalgic, since Ty hasn’t been around for a few months. I think it’s not dumb, but see what she says about it and mull over the pros and cons for a bit before you respond.
  • From depression to anxiety: water as metaphor in anime by Elisabeth (Little Anime Blog) – Another blog which hasn’t been around for a while...the screenshot of Mafuyu reminds me I still have to get around to the Given movie.
  • How ID:Invaded brought me on board and made me stick by 012Mashi – These bingo cards which have been floating around lately remind me of the fact I have this anime on my favourites, and for good reason: I admit it may not be the most stellar thing in the world – it did lose to Appare-Ranman in my yearly rankings, after all – but it has a lot to say and a lot of style to say it with.
  • Breaking Out of the Box (Of Politeness) by Megan (A Geeky Gal) – …and now for something completely different. Personal boundaries are a double-edged sword, but it’s okay to uphold your own.

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Other Posts

Current Obsessions

  • Dice with high ponytail: You already know I’m a rather unapologetic lover of guys with long hair, but with the popularity of things like Mo Dao Zu Shi, suddenly there’s a bunch of guys with high ponytails and it’s great! This particular card which I’ve singled out has a prime autoskill (I prefer cards with skills that enhance Perfects and Comboes) as well as a cool design. Specifically, it’s “Dicetaro, [who was] born from a die” (which…sounds silly, but better than trying to imagine how Gentaro’s name works with that – 幻 means “illusion” or something similar).
  • 2nd DRB: As you may have noticed by my Twitter name as of late, I’ve been swept up by the 2nd DRB hype. I even joined a Discord server which did watch parties for it and while I missed the 1st one, I saw the others live and it was really fun to see some of my favourite songs of the past year on stage, even over a slightly laggy livestream for the MTC vs FP battle. My favourites are TOMOSHIBI (Shinjuku) and Black Journey (Shibuya) with my favourite battle song being Reason to Fight (MTC vs FP), although Hunting Charm (Yokohama) was pretty cool too and I don’t think I’ll get sick of that one for a while. The full song releases won’t finish until just before April and the results won’t be until May, so you’re going to hear a lot more about this going forward…
  • The gatekeeping guy: The bingo cards’ popularity was fuelled by a certain gatekeeping guy on Twitter (<-warning for language), so that’s still at the edge of my mind, even between all the other things that occupy it. I’ve already had my 2 cents on gatekeeping out for a while, but the fact is gatekeeping won’t go away for as long as niche interests exist…

Coming up next…

  • Haven’t forgotten the spring 2020 or summer 2020 wrap-up…it’s just massively delayed, as noted. I’ve only finished Arte, Fugou Keiji, Appare-Ranman and Koi to Producer as I type this, which is why I haven’t put them out yet. If you’re wondering why I haven’t worked on it for months…it’s over 100 episodes total and gets bigger every week, even if I hit pause on some stuff. Healin’ Good PreCure, which was causing such an abnormality, has finished at this point, so the priority is now current simulcasts and challenges (currently pending Starmyu and Ghost in the Shell: the New Movie at the moment for the latter) before getting back there.
  • I finished the Animage interviews though (I’m writing this at 2 am on the day this is meant to go out…a new low for these posts, for sure…), so I have a much better grasp on how long I’ll take on any major translations I attempt in the future, where I stumble and so on. Thanks for your patience if you’ve been waiting for that to be finished.


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