What To Look Out For in Fairy Ranmaru

Boueibu started as a gender-flipped Sailor Moon, the “Battle Lacklusters”. Now that it’s come and gone, what does it mean for this next magical boy anime from some of the same creators? As a magical boy show, it’s no secret I’m watching Fairy Ranmaru closely. It’s only doubly so when you realise the same studio... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – Silver Link/Connect

Found another weird situation where you can’t really separate one studio from the other…( Silver Link is one of those studios I don’t have much experience with, but while I roam around, from time to time I become aware of that name, so my knowledge of it and its work is neither here nor there.... Continue Reading →

The Write Process

Let’s talk about blogging for once. How I write, why I write and when I write. Long meta note: This is a prewritten post I had on my old computer, dated circa June 2019. I was hoping not to use it, since my process has changed significantly since then, but...I better come clean. Lately, aside... Continue Reading →

Characters On Parade

Something that can make or break an entire anime is how quickly a series introduces its characters. Even long-running anime have a problem of suddenly providing a group of characters and not elaborating until later, to the point where it can put some viewers off to suddenly get a chunk of cast they don't want... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Nendoroids

These "guide to so-and-so" posts are pretty fun, actually. I have one on how to cheaply obtain (in some cases, access to) anime and manga, but I don't think I've done one on anything you can obtain firsthand before... Information about Nendoroids is somewhat widely available in English, but there's some things I wish I... Continue Reading →

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