Must-read Monthly Monday (Mar. ’21 ed.)

If it’s not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 22nd of February 2021 to the 22nd of March 2021.

Other People’s Reads

It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…

(Gonna cut it down to 5 posts this time because I haven’t been particularly active blog-wise or anime-wise. I’m mostly just trotting out old posts which previously hit the back burner at this point. Also, I’m running out of posts in my folder, despite my best efforts, so if you have any, be sure to send them my way.)

  • This is the Anime You HAD To Watch by Karandi and Irina – I remember responding to Karandi’s tweet with an “I don’t remember”, but I can still remember certain people recommending me series from ages ago…I think I added Scott’s recommendation of the newest Legend of Galactic Heroes to my AniList this year, even though he recommended it ages ago.
  • Of making anime lists by 324 Robots – A lot of us make lists about what anime we’re looking forward to for the next season and the all-time favourites, but what about those past anime we like but don’t get enough love, even after we all yell at each other on forums about “underrated anime”? Food for though, indeed.
  • Flip Flappers Ep. 4 by Xenodude – I always appreciate a new take on an anime I’ve seen before, no doubts about it.
  • Maybe It’s Unreachable for Me: Inadequacy in “SK8 The Infinity” by Jessie Silver (Season 1 Episode 1) – This is a very personal post, but there’s still a lot to relate to in it.
  • Controversed: Moyatori’s November Workshop (Part II), Remarks on Style, and A Case Study Using Operator Precedence by InfiniteZenith -…and now to dredge up some memories, some of which I should probably forget. People in Jon’s Discord might remember the entire throwdown Zenith had for this guy and reading it in full again, in all its glory, reminds me I haven’t argued a proper point since the Back Arrow post (<-writing this at the last minute again).

Spellbook Offerings

Current Obsessions

  • Starmyu: The Cute Boys Club of the AniList Discord server managed to perform some type of sorcery on the February 2021 monthly challenge and the Badge Battle…even if the character on said badge wasn’t one I’d normally watch stuff for. Ume shows up in season 2 of this anime, so fulfilling this challenge meant watching 2 seasons of it (although I didn’t finish in time and had to abandon season 1 halfway through). Surprisingly, I like it even though I’ve previously shunned other series, both anime and not, for being almost exactly the same thing and the boys themselves are rather plain…well, it is properly called High School Star Musical in English, which should betray exactly what comparisons I can heap on to it…Dance with Devils, High School Musical (…is it just me, or is Hoshitani basically a hotblooded Zac Efron?), idol anime…
  • Sora’s Senpai Club: I never thought I’d get into VTubers, but one of the people I follow on Twitter who does HypMic translations occasionally watches seiyuu-related content from Aimu Sora. So far (as of the time of writing this bit in the middle of the month), Sora has only had Kamio and Kijima from HypMic, but he’s also had the likes of Kumi Koda, Shinnosuke Tachibana and Garnidelia as well. I think it’s interesting how Sora specifically chose to make JPN/ENG bilingual content – there’s a translator behind every translation, after all, even if that happens to just be a machine…

Coming up next…

  • Haven’t forgotten the spring 2020 or summer 2020 wrap-up…it’s just massively delayed, as noted. I’ve only finished Arte, Fugou Keiji, Appare-Ranman and Koi to Producer as I type this, which is why I haven’t put them out yet. If you’re wondering why I haven’t worked on it for months…it’s over 100 episodes total and gets bigger every week, even if I hit pause on some stuff. Healin’ Good PreCure, which was causing such an abnormality, has finished at this point, so the priority is now current simulcasts before getting back there…(Fruits Basket is starting up again soon, so now would be a good time to work on it, actually.)
  • I’m still kinda flailing because I’m properly trying to adult while also having my time sucked up by the Amazing Race (…which tends to be the root cause when I start thinking I “don’t have time for anime”, come to think of it), ARB‘s 1st anniversary or whatever material I can get my hands on to work on my translation skills (…for free – it would be nice to ask for commissions, but I don’t think I’m ready for people to risk their money for the sake of my unpolished skills). Hopefully, as I get better at this, I’ll flail less.


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