Ode to Anime Studios – Silver Link/Connect

Found another weird situation where you can’t really separate one studio from the other…(

Silver Link is one of those studios I don’t have much experience with, but while I roam around, from time to time I become aware of that name, so my knowledge of it and its work is neither here nor there. That means I also don’t really have a favourite, so…I’ll try my best to hit the (self-imposed) character limit of 300 characters without that segment of the post.

This studio was founded in December of 2007, which in anime terms was a very different place to the landscape we have now. That might even be why they seem to specialise in CGDCT with anime like Non Non Biyori. They also, however, adapted an entire string of fantasy-inspired LNs, including most recently Misfit of Demon King Academy and Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World. That will continue with their upcoming anime (which is not based on an LN, but rather a manga), Dungeon of Black Company.

Previously, they had a subsidiary company called Connect which produced its own anime, but that became defunct in 2020 and only lasted about 8 years (Pineda 2020). However, Silver Link and Connect collaborate sometimes and Connect produces similar anime to Silver Link. As for why the names are all-caps or why the names are the way they are…*shrugs* beats me. (So that it won’t bug me, I will – at least for the duration of this post – capitalise “Silver Link” and “Connect”.)

Although the two studios’ credits together are vast and span many genres, a lot of the work that is credited to them is the less noticeable stuff, like “2nd key animation”. So it’s likely you might not have gotten some of the anime you love without them around.

…it’s pretty obvious I’m struggling and my heart’s just not in this post here, so I might as well mercy kill this post while I’m at it. What’s your favourite anime from either of these studios?


Pineda, RA 2020. SILVER LINK. Absorbs Subsidiary Studio CONNECT. Available from: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-07-17/silver-link-absorbs-subsidiary-studio-connect/.161937

Silver Link n.d. Works (Japanese). Available from: http://www.silverlink.co.jp/works.html

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