Turn a Blind Eye

Passersby did their best to dodge a blonde man in a black tracksuit, running, full speed ahead. He grasped the top of a bamboo fence as high as he was and hauled himself over without breaking a sweat…One might even describe his actions as being like a monkey.

“Kyousuke! What’s the meaning o’ this?!”

Enya Arashiyama, the blonde, had arrived in the backyard of Kyousuke Ichinomiya, who was sipping green tea, as per usual, while propping himself up against one of the many sliding screens of his Japanese estate, the Aogiri-sou. Kyousuke’s neat dark plait and dusk-gradient kimono made him seem as if he was not in any particular rush, unlike Enya’s frazzled hair and exclamation.

Enya pulled out his phone and showed a broadcast from the mayor of Kyoto, a balding man in a beige suit who was basically shrinking into himself as he mumbled into a set of media microphones: “From now on, Kyoto will participate in the division rap battle. However, there can only be one division representing this city and so, we will hold a competition. It begins tomorrow.”

“So?” Kyousuke looked up from his almost-finished cup of tea, his expression neutral.

The broadcast changed to show a picture of each of the prospective Kyoto divisions. One…was Enya (in his full samurai outfit), Kyousuke and Hazuki, Kyousuke’s second cousin, with the name “Kachou Fuugetsu”.

“You didn’ ask me ‘bout this!”

“I didn’t have to, did I? You said if I ever made a division like that monk’s, you’d join, ‘no question’.”

Enya facepalmed as his heart sunk. He did say that, but that didn’t mean he consented to having his face broadcasted to the world – or the city, at the very least – more than it already was.


Now that business was over and Kachou Fuugetsu had won, it was time to close up shop for a while and head out to the colosseum. The prime minister, a short lady with a hime cut that sort of made a tent around most of her, had made her announcement, the night of the decisive battle, that while there were still divisions were still being formed, these participants were who they could expect. However, Hazuki tuned out the prime minister to focus on what he was doing.

As the broadcast ended, the screens mysteriously glitched for a second, even though they were still working. Were they being hacked?…Who knew? Hazuki sure didn’t.


As soon as Hazuki got off the phone to his colleagues to ensure the restaurant would be alright in his absence, he let out a seemingly endless sigh of relief, stepped outside with a roller suitcase’s worth of luggage in tow…and was jumped by a thug with an illegal mic.

In response, Hazuki pulled out his own mic, which began to glow a faint crimson in the strong light of  mid-morning as it became his custom mic, and rapped some lyrics into it, knocking the thug senseless.

Just as he was about to deactivate it, two other thugs appeared from the bushes around him. However, several high notes erupted from the wall behind them, knocking out one before they even began.

“Didn’t think ya could coun’ me outta a fight, now, huh?” It was Enya, scaling the wall again and tossing some of his blonde hair out of his face as he landed. Darker streaks were starting to show through the blonde, although it was nowhere near as dark as the hair he was known to have as an actor.

“I thought you were filming today, though…?”

“Now that I’m part of this, I ask for days off on battle days.” He mimed pulling out his wallet with one of his hands and adjusted the strap of his overnight bag, which was tangling itself up out of the seeming haste Enya had put it on with, with the other. “…Let’s just say people generally respond well to receiving free money.”

“Personally, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” added Kyousuke, who’d approached from behind and knocked out the other thug with some lyrics while Hazuki and Enya were talking, “but we want to make sure our entire team is present at the battle, or else it’s over by default…” He took a rather deliberate seat on Hazuki’s suitcase as he placed his own backpack on his lap. “We don’t want that now, do we?” 

Meta context: Did you think this was one of my usual posts? You just got April Fooled!

…actually, this is the start of the story I mentioned in this post – it’s a Hypnosis Mic original division, to be specific, with all the references to characters who aren’t mine scrubbed out. Thus, the monk is Kuko, the prime minister is Otome Tohoten and where the screens glitch is where one user’s joke character (infamously known as the “banana man”) appears. Also, the concept of a Hypnosis Mic does not belong to me – that belongs to King Records and Idea Factory.

It feels a bit sparse, to be honest, because this was the first proper creative writing I’ve done in a while (if something’s missing, it’s probably elsewhere in the planning document) – thanks, in part, to this blog – but I hope you enjoyed this nonetheless. If it needs improving because it’s too sparse, tell me in the comments.

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