Spring 2021 1st Ep. Impressions: Best Served Cold

There’s a lot to get through this time – so much so that I cut a bunch of it from my list without even trying to write it up…so you’ll see a lot of things on this list that weren’t on the list...because I rushed putting it out…

This is a list of anime I intend to get through so far (subject to change, and watched mostly at random depending on whatever struck my fancy), although knowing where I’m at now, it may not be possible until at least a week down the track from posting this when Crunchyroll drops all the first episodes. Like the previous season, what’s bolded is in this post:

Note from the 9th of May 2021: You’ll see that I haven’t crossed out some anime in the list above (and there might even be more than that I may want to try which may show up in future posts). I still intend to get around to those someday, but it’s already the point in the season where everyone else has moved on from premieres, so it’s best to get this out before I forget about it.

Tokyo Revengers

I keep seeing Erased comparisons, but in my mind, this is more akin to Re:Zero. (Maybe that’s just recency bias talking…)

Anyways: time travel, save the girl, we’ve seen it all before…with the exception of Naoto the policeman.


  • Why are time travel/isekai stories and being a virgin always connected anyway in the (male – it’s always the male protags who go on about this) protagonist’s mind? I don’t get it.
  • Is someone gonna push hi-Yeppppppppppppp. Spoke too soon.




…what’s with all the revenge this season? (Hence the title of the post.)

It’s competent and I’d like to continue with it, but its main strike is that most of it is stuff we’ve seen before only done competently. It’s not “more than competent”, which is what I want when I have more than enough to catch up on already. (I hate to admit it, but under the surface, it might even be less than competent.)


  • I…thought this would be interesting, but the first few seconds, while compelling, already show signs of a later breakdown…It’s a bit worrying, actually.
  • “Ryuumyaku” means something like “dragon intestine”.
  • One of the books is titled “Pandora’s Box”.
  • Cephonodes hylas = the pellucid hawk moth.
  • Acanthus = a plant with tall, pointed flowers.
  • I’m laughing…an umbrella crossbow! Whose bright idea was that? (LOL)



Zombieland Saga Revenge

Not much change from season 1, episode 1. It tries to mirror that most closely.

Due to the fact I’ve been lagging, I was able to read ahead on this and that sucked the surprise out of everything, so…that may have affected its placement.




Mashiro no Oto

Why did I want to see this? 1) Genuine interest and 2) this fits right in with SGRS (which you know I love) and Kachou Fuugetsu (a set of original characters I was working on for a Hypnosis Mic server…until people stopped thinking about that stuff because they’ve got their own things to do and, while I have my own things to do as well, I still want to bring these characters to life).

As for what I think about it – I got more caught up in it than I thought I would. You know those things that quietly grab you and never let go and although you don’t talk about them much, you know you’ll love them from the word “go”? I believe this is something like that.

Other notes:

  • I’m used to “Wakana” being a woman’s name (it’s the name of a voice actress who I know from Detective Conan), so for some reason I didn’t register “niichan” until I saw the letter…
  • Tsugaru is a place in Aomori. Note jongara bushi is a type of shamisen song (see category 2 near the bottom of the page here).
  • Even without volume, the motes of light help me to understand the audience’s love for Setsu’s music. It’s a music anime for those who cannot listen to music, in a sense.
  • …oh, now that’s a turn I didn’t expect! Umeko-chan is scary as frick! She belongs in Kakegurui, not this anime…!



To Your Eternity

My fears were unfounded – I was thinking CGI would ruin this series, but there’s not a speck of CGI in sight…That said, having read 11 volumes of the manga, I can see where the emotional beats are all going to land long before they’re even reached. It’s not just a matter of landing those beats right, it’s landing them in a way that will keep me watching over and over again…which, admittedly, is a problem with a lot of series which expect you to go in blind.

However, even sick (yes, I caught a cold and the signs of it started showing up after my take on Blue Reflection…during the time of COVID, that’s no good…), I could still tell I was going to like this, even the second time around where I could see a bunch of plot points coming from ages away.


  • …having read the first 11 volumes, this will all end in tragedy. Over and over and over again…
  • These wall paintings show up in every volume (or at least, the ones I can remember)…pay attention to how they change.
  • This boy…his voice actor (Reiji Kawashima? Had to check that up, he’s new…) really has to carry the entire episode…until [REDACTED] (<- no spoilers from me on that bit until it happens, okay?) Update: I seem to remember “Joaan” (what we will soon call “Fushi”, or “undying”) talked when he revealed he was taking on the boy’s form, but aside from that, the thing in question happens at the end of the episode…if you’ve gotten to the end of the episode at this point, you already know this redacted thing is that the boy dies.
  • The boy looks like he has hypothermia.
  • There’s one frame that seems like it wasn’t “stitched together” with the rest properly (around where the broken wagon is shown) and that threw me out of the immersion for a bit.
  • LOL, TsudaKen on narration.




Started cutting it down to save my sanity. If I need to, I’ll bring back a lower-ranked anime if one of the newer ones doesn’t make the cut.

New changes in bold, although note I stopped updating it after a while.


  • Fumetsu no Anata e (1 ep)
  • Mashiro no Oto (2 eps)
  • Fairy Ranmaru (2 eps, down 2 positions)
  • TWEWY (2 eps)
  • Bishonen Tanteidan (1 ep)


  • Dynazenon (1 ep, down 1 category because I’m keeping Back Arrow)
  • Fruits Basket the Final (1 ep, down 1 category)
  • Shaman King (1 ep. – I would’ve liked to continue, but it’s behind a paywall)
  • Vivy (1 ep, down 1 category)
  • Zombieland Saga Revenge (1 ep)
  • Blue Reflection (1 ep, down 1 category)
  • Tokyo Revengers (1 ep. – sorry, but you’re competing with a bunch of stuff I’m biased towards and To Your Eternity, Tokyo Revengers. You won’t be able to win like that.)
  • Joran (2 eps, namely eps 1 and 3 because people were saying Makoto was trans and I wanted proof of that)


  • Hetalia (4 eps.)

I’m lagging a lot, so I know I missed some stuff. What have I missed that’s worth taking an interest in?

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