Must-read Monthly Monday (May ’21 ed.)

If it’s not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 19th of April 2021 to the 24th of May 2021.

Other People’s Reads

It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…

(I should just cut these round-up posts and Odes entirely. At this point, they’re the least exciting parts of blogging by a long shot and I’ve been making nothing but excuses for them these past few months…not to mention I’ve pulled many an all-nighter just to make sure these go out on time…)

  • Four years of me assuming that you have read Shoka’s wonders – Shoka’s back, hopefully for good this time (Update: …nope). That said, he’s asking the big questions: “How did I ever do that?” This is a post for all the romanticisers of the past.
  • Fire Force – Episode 1 by Josh Dunham (Wave Motion Cannon) – Before you ask, yes, I did watch the first episode of this a while back…It came up in a discussion the other day and just thinking about what this series is perceived as now, in comparison to what the expectations of it were…that jump is really something.
  • Zombieland Saga: Drop Dead Gorgeous by Dewbond – Another anime back from the dead (pun intended) due to the 2nd season. While I haven’t forgotten about Franchouchou, it might be a while before I slide myself back into a front seat for a concert of theirs.
  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi by OOCentral – This review is probably best read after you’ve seen the series for yourself, as the pronoun the author uses vaguely gives away part of the identity of the killer, but otherwise it’s a pretty solid look at a pretty solid anime (even if I still think the ending was bungled…).
  • The Manga Shelf: Oshi no Ko and the Dark Side of Fame by Planet Jane – Oshi no Ko is something I checked out on a whim on the Japanese Shonen Jump app and, while I haven’t read it since, it’s stuck in my mind. (Then again, the protagonist’s name – after a while, because…y’know, reincarnation…is Aquamarine and that’s something you can’t just forget.) It could be the next big thing…if I could just get off my lazy butt to recommend it…(I say as I metaphorically drown in unwatched anime and unread manga, haha.)

Spellbook Offerings

Spring 2021 First Impressions (see below for more details)

Other Posts

Current Obsessions

  • 2nd DRB 1st round: Sure, I may have staked all my luck on a single ticket and ended up on the winning side – Matenrou, my favourite division, advanced and due to the fact I copied the wrong code, I almost gave my vote to the Buster Bros, who also advanced – but seeing all these fans spam whatever money they have and then get all deflated because their favourite division didn’t advance kinda makes me sad by proxy. (Is “second-hand sadness” a thing?) Watch this space – the next round will end in October 2021.
  • I’ve been going on about HypMic in this section a lot. There are several reasons for this: the DRB being hugely current and giving me a lot of emotions is the main one, know what I mentioned in this section in February? Due to the fact I was there for the watch party, I was promoted to being an admin of this one server – the same one responsible for the creation of Kachou Fuugetsu, and by proxy, the ones responsible for dragging me away from blogging to focus on other pursuits. It’s a really fun server and I don’t regret being an admin, but it’s really active and that can be a bit draining at times.
  • Touken Ranbu: Well, to not bore you to bits, the English Touken Ranbu is…basically what I remember of it, but with a bunch of swords I’ve never met until now – for one thing, I finally got to meet Taikogane and the infamous “Sadist-mune” (Kikkou Sadamune), which weren’t really there when I left. It’s kind of surreal to be back in the Saniwa seat after about 5 or 6 years away from it, but this also means I have a bunch of attachments to swords I now have to forge…all…over…again…

Coming up next…

  • Haven’t forgotten the spring 2020, summer 2020 or winter 2021 wrap-up…it’s just massively delayed, as noted. I’ve only finished Arte, Fugou Keiji, Appare-Ranman, Sk8, Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! and Koi to Producer as I type this, which is why I haven’t put them out yet. If you’re wondering why I haven’t worked on it for months…it’s over 100 episodes total and gets bigger every week, even if I hit pause on some stuff. I am finally making a dent in everything as of the time of writing this post up, though.
  • Due to these old posts being overdue and being up to a year old, I’m not going to start on a lot of the new spring anime until either a) the anime club watches something I was planning to watch anyway (which is…always a lot, I’ve come to notice) or b) I’ve put out one of the posts (winter 2021 is probably next, considering that’s the smallest amount of episodes I have left on my spreadsheet…it could be a while until it’s out).
  • I’m writing this dot point up at 1 am on the day it’s meant to go out. Clearly, my priorities are no longer what they used to be compared to when I first decided on this schedule, so I’m going to drop my schedule down to just weekly posts from now on (and I get the feeling I’ll have to move to the “posting when I want” schedule soon too, based on the fact I’ve clearly been struggling with this giant backlog and the fact I’ve been resorting to backlog far too often – the Mashiro no Oto post was an exception, which is why I haven’t automatically dropped to posting when I want).


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  1. I am here and not here at the same time…
    I’ve been riding my big scooter all over Thailand in the past few weeks and I wish I could have shared my experiences the same way I write about anime…

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