Just a Small Update

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot but don’t really have a lot to say on stuff, aside from what I’ve said already, some stuff I already have written up but half complete and one post on The World Ends With You, but I feel I’d have to finish the anime to write that post first. I keep forgetting to do my weekly posts until the last minute these days and I’ve run out of reserve posts that are any good in my own eyes. Even though I want to keep up with your guys’ posts still, I want to go through them at my own leisure (which, these days, I’m even less motivated to do because now I’ve fallen behind on everything that isn’t Fairy Ranmaru, which I need for Tumblr anyway). I still owe those months-late season end posts and I feel like I’ve been apologising so much for those that it’s not even funny anymore…

It might be burnout from having those 100 or so episodes piled up (plus some other stuff I accumulated for lockdowns), but even when the advance premiere of Sonny Boy came out recently, I didn’t even want to check it out. I’m not completely gone from anime and manga forever, mind you – my love is just more solidified in certain pockets of the fandom these days, that’s all.

That’s why I think it’s time I took a break from this blog for a bit and wound back my posting schedule to “whenever I want”. That’s how Courage managed to survive since 2012 and since the Spellbook requires even more effort to run than that due to its weekly schedule, it’s amazing I’ve gone on for as long as I have, really.

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