Hyping Up Fall 2021

Welp, after a season’s hiatus, I have a list! Note I’m still chipping away at my spreadsheet of over 100 episodes so my hype is low for everything and I’m seriously restricting what I’m considering checking out, but the current 122 episodes (as of the time of writing) is more reasonable than the 130 – 140 episodes I racked up in the past…I think it almost hit 150 at one point, which was scary as heck. (Note I also added Love Stage to it for a watching challenge, but got carried away with hanging out on the Discord server again and so didn’t finish it in time.) Also note, as of the time of writing, I am almost done with the summer 2020 post and it will go out after I finish the final anime for it, God of High School.

As usual, the list is from most – least hype. Be sure to sound off in the comments about what’s good, because I sort of ducked out from the entire simulcast system for the first time in 5 years due to being overloaded with these episodes…

Also, please note I have not really paid attention to where these anime have gone, sublicensing-wise, so it is possible I may get anime which end up on HiDive and/or Netflix. (Komi-san would’ve made it otherwise.)

  • Requiem of the Rose King: Fancy-sounding anime though it may be, it actually sounds pretty solid. I skipped Vanitas last season, so this is probably the next best thing I can get on that front.
  • Platinum End: I’ve been having the books dangled in front of me for a long while and those shiny holographic covers mean this is a good time to get on the hype train.
  • Visual Prison: I’ve been in the depths of HypMic Hell recently and one of my favourites is Jyushi. Also, there’s bishonen as far as the eye can see. It makes sense I would take an entire anime of vampires doing rock, then.
  • Tesla Note: I first heard about this through Magazine Pocket (Kodansha’s manga app). It does sound interesting, but somewhat risky to take on.
  • Takt: OP: Destiny: You know how much I love Classicaloid when others don’t.
  • Shinka no Mi: I also like transformations, as you know. Apparently Shinka no Mi is kinda ecchi, from what I’ve heard, but…it’ll do.
  • Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc: Still gotta watch the movie (never watched it after my sublicensor got swallowed up by Funi), but…yeah…considering how small the list is, this anime is basically a lock once that’s over.
  • Sakugan: Oh gosh…that scenery is gorgeous…
  • Deep Insanity: The Lost Child: Sounds intriguing. I’m in.
  • The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window: Another BL. I hope this doesn’t have the cliches of the genre, though – Love Stage is teaching me about all of those… *shudders*
  • Heike Monogatari: It’s on Funimation and seems vaguely interesting…I mean, why not?

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    1. This is the first I’ve heard of Tesla Note being cancelled (I even checked Magazine Pocket’s releases, just to be sure, and the last update was on September 29th 2021). Maybe you’re talking about the switch to Magazine Pocket?

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