(Late…?) Fall 2021 First Impressions: For the Artsy Ones

You might’ve thought I was gone from seasonal anime for good, after I chose not to catch up to the summer season. Well, you can’t keep a good(?) blogger down.

No ratings this time. I’m just taking what I’m getting, in an attempt to get back into the swing of things.

As promised in this tweet, this is the lineup:

Blue Period

Now that I’m pursuing my own dreams of a type of artform (translation, if you’re new to this neck of the woods), I really related to this in my own kind of way. To be honest, I feel that if I hadn’t had a bunch of “artsy” friends, I would understand more about Yatora’s ambition. That way, I might have been more artsy myself.

Misc. notes:

Takt op Destiny

I think Takt OP Destiny is treading old ground, but it does that well. However, while it seems pre-made for me (I mean, it’s Classicaloid but action!), it is that old ground which ends up a thorn in its side.

Misc. notes:

  • Wow, this looks like God Eater crossed with Classicaloid!
  • Why didn’t they translate “Onii-chan” if they’re heading to New York…?
  • Oh! They never established this was the far future until now.
  • It appears Cosette is considered “defective” because she eats a lot.
  • What does GM stand for in “GM Sagan”(?) Grand Maestro, probably… Update: Actually, better question – who is GM Sagan???
  • The sister (I forgot her name) reminds me of one of the gondoliers in Aria the Animation. The one that goes, “No sappy lines allowed!” Update: Aika, the sister’s name [in this] is Anna.
  • Moonlight Sonata, huh? Makes sense.
  • *big explosion* – *gives the anime a round of applause*

Visual Prison

Threadbare in plot, hard to comment on but a fun time, albeit a campy one. You either go all-in or you don’t and this anime went all-in.

Misc. notes:

  • Checking this out because I am 7 episodes from approaching the (self-imposed) threshold on my spreadsheet – that is, I had over 100 eps accrued on that thing and, once I finish those 7 I’ll have exactly 100 old episodes, so I can move on to checking out the new anime. Update from the future: I now have 4 eps left.
  • Of all the things in the world this anime needed, why did it have to be a panda cat? *raises eyebrow*
  • I like a concert-like experience, but I swear it’s the same yells on loop! Gah!
  • There’s a member of the Discord server who likes Iori of Paradox Live, so I am reminded of Iori when I see this Saga guy *sweatdrops*. (Note: I am currently an admin of a Discord server for Hypnosis Mic. This was one of the reasons I fell behind on my simulcasts – the conversations there would happen for most hours of the day and always sucked up anime-watching time.)
  • Waiwaiwaiwaitttttttttttt…microphone swords???? That’s something not even Hypnosis Mic does and you know how much I love that series! You have my attention!
  • What’s with the “Bro”??? Honestly, there’s not much to comment on if it’s just music video after music video…
  • *vampire gets bitten into, he screams in ecstasy* Uhhhhhhhh…there is clearly a sexual metaphor here, but I will refrain from commenting on it…


To be honest, I wasn’t planning on watching this one – I heard about the fanservice when reading others’ first episode impressions. However, I kept hearing about it from someone in the Discord server and so it got to the point where I checked it out anyway.

…and to be frank, aside from the horror aspect, it left me lukewarm enough I decided to drop it. It’s a horror-comedy that executes on the horror, but not on the comedy much, plus has unnecessary fanservice. It’s a shame too, because it’s just in time for Halloween.

Misc. notes:

  • I think the moment where Miko is proven to be haunted is a masterclass in how to scare people – I mean, the build-up (establishing Hana wasn’t there with the camera angle and the photo appearing many times until you could see a different face) was slow but steady.
  • I knew this was a horror-comedy going into it and I knew the entire premise, but…seeing it in execution now is…kinda disappointing. Miko has the ignorance down to a T.
  • The bag actually said “Kanata no Shio” (Faraway Salt/Salt Over There)…it’s probably a Japanese brand I’m not familiar with. Update: Checked it and it seems to be a brand unique to this anime.
  • “Gangle”, LOL.

So…uh, with that bad aftertaste still lingering, what did you think of these anime?

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