Sending Off Summer 2020

As always, spoilers below.

Fugou Keiji

Not quite what I expected in the end. It went from “kinda silly anime about a rich detective and a poor detective (in relation to said rich detective) fighting crime” to “rich dude tries to prevent an unlimited energy source from being revealed to the world” – to put that in anime analogies, it kinda goes from Double Decker to Dimension W.


A fun ride in the end, although a bit cliche in its use of spaghetti Western tropes (and other tropes from around that time) like I suspected. It occurred to me in the middle of the season it was like The Amazing Race, right down to the mandated breaks, and so from there it got promoted to my favourites list (note from the future: I ended up demoting it after a bit).

Fruits Basket s2

I was already familiar with the storyline, so seeing this all again was really just a stroll down memory lane – at times boring because I’d already lived it before and at other times a welcome escape from the COVID-addled times that now surround us. Now you know Akito is a girl, the big things that will really throw you appear in season 3, although you can tell from the sheer length of this middle part that the pieces have been falling into place for that for a very long time and that’s only more evident from the end card of the season giving the ultimatum that Kureno’s curse was already broken and the subsequent cliffhanger.


I feel like the shock of episode 2 wore off over time and the series didn’t do as much as it could have with the themes it was dealing with, although it covered the themes of “corporatisation of life” really well. That said, the ending looks like it’ll be a downer, only for Kaburagi to be brought back from the dead…again. That ending does manage to warm the cockles of the heart, though.

Muhyo and Roji’s BSI 2

Fairly average. I could tell they weren’t going to finish the entire manga adapting process a few episodes from the end, because they show Panza and Madoka (Enchu) but by episode 12, those two hadn’t really done anything yet. That said, it ends in a big boss fight, so it has a good stopping point, but since there was a conclusion to a boss fight (against Hades) in the middle, it doesn’t really feel satisfying…and of course, the “To Be Continued” suggests there is a season 3 coming, sooner or later.

Notably, Roji is really attached to Muhyo, even though the latter is always a jerkass who doesn’t show many hints of kindness. That hasn’t changed from the manga, but even after consuming this series for the 2nd time, I don’t really understand how Roji could be so attached to Muhyo that he’d be willing to sacrificie his ren (spiritual power) and life for him.

God of High School

A battle shonen down to its core, although because it’s based on a webtoon, it technically can’t be a battle shonen. It was well-animated, but I struggled to really care for the characters after a while and left the final 2 episodes to play while doing chores.

Sorry this took so long, but the other posts will be even longer – it took me ages to gain the motivation to finish this much. Anyways, what did you like from the summer 2020 season?

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