Dropped – What Could Have Been (Manga Vers.)

Inspired by Phoenix’s Dropped post series.

I’ve gone through some of the series I’ve dropped here, but I don’t think I’ve done a proper runthough of Everything I’ve Ever Dropped. Note I am only using the drop list of 100 manga series as of the time of writing (I’ve taken a screenshot of everything so I know what I’m covering).

A lot of these series fall into one of several camps, with some potential overlap:

The Shonen Jump Rejects

Weekly Shonen Jump, as many manga readers know, kills off a lot of manga which could’ve been really good, had it just had time and room to breathe. Add that to the fact I am a voracious consumer of manga, particularly anything new on the Shonen Jump front, and it’s obvious I’d rack up quite the drop list. That said, because it kills off series so fast, my dropping these can be seen as mildly prophetic if they’re not huge hits…or mildly prophetic in the other direction and they go on to have huge fanbases. The turning point for a lot of these used to be around ch. 3 when I was more strict with what series to keep, simply because Viz would only make the first 3 chapters and last 3 chapters available.

Hot take: I had Jujutsu Kaisen dropped at one point and it took me another sample of it, post-anime debut, for it to win me over properly. I also have Bleach and the actual Shonen Jump Reject, Shingeki no Kyojin, on my drop list.


  • Neru: Way of the Martial Artist: This was one of the more recent casualties as of this post and…it was actually executed well. However, it was (according to my notes) “bog-standard” and it never rose above that, even though it was focussing on Akebi (the main female protagonist, a rarity in this sort of series) around where I left off.
  • Love Rush
  • Mashle

Too Horny for Me

I don’t remember if I’ve talked about it on the Spellbook before, but ecchi is far and away my least favourite category of anime and manga. Basically, what I wanted was something less horny than what I got. That said, it is possible to be both horny and inclusive to someone who has admitted to not really being in tune with sex in general (Dandadan, where one of the central gags involves the stealing of the main guy’s “family jewels”, is one of my favourite Manga Plus releases as of the time of writing because it is hilarious).


  • Bone Collection: I describe this as “boob-obsessed” and “utterly predictable” in my notes.
  • Roboco and Me: To quote my notes, “Now whose idea was it to make a terrible Doraemon with occasional sex, panty and Shonen Jump jokes…?”
  • Ghost (Reaper) Girl: Protagonist is 28 in a Shonen Jump+ publication? Yay! Protagonist is described as a “lolicon” and openly loved by the main guy/weapon/”superpower” for it? Nay!

Sidenote: I took a quick glimpse at ch. 30 of Ghost Reaper Girl and it was a lot more focussed on the fighting aspect of things – it seems to be drawing on mythology around Hades there – but there is no way in heck I am going to wade through the bad stuff to get to the good for that one.

I Didn’t Care

I dropped some manga after committing myself to consuming as much legally-obtained content as possible, plus dropped some others after forgetting where I was at, regardless of the legality of the content. Then again, this is manga versus my ability to procure the volumes in libraries…sometimes, it can take years until I get my hands on the next volume, if I ever find it at all…


  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (parts 1 + 3): I don’t talk about my relationship with JJBA all that much and that’s because it barely exists in the first place. After a few attempts with the series in general, I like part 4 best.
  • Inu x Boku SS: The tiny font in the official release is a bit of a turnoff for me, even though I have really good vision. Also, according to my notes, I found the setup “too cliche”.
  • Mahou Shoujo Ore: This one, despite the category name, I love to bits, to the point I was surprised it even got its own anime years after I heard of it, then I covered it on this blog. However, illegally, there are only 10 chapters released of the 12, which is why it falls here. I would pay good money to read the entire thing in an official capacity.

Too Much WTH

I’m easily pleased, for the most part, so something that stands out negatively in a medium known for being sensationalist is…bad, to put it lightly.


  • Koukousei Kazoku (High School Family): The title says it all…Even the cat enrols into high school…
  • Mukidashi no Hakuchou (The Naked Swan): See category below for more.
  • Kai Byoui Ramune (Mysterious Disease Specialist Ramune): I checked this out the day after the anime began…I got so weirded out by the idea of “crying condiments” that I hit drop before I even read a full chapter and never looked back.

It Actually Sucked

Admit it – in a medium as big as manga, there are duds. Lots of duds. (Plus y’all may still remember the manga boom of the Borders era…too much content, not enough cherry picking.) The fact I checked most of these via scanlations and/or the raw Japanese probably doesn’t help the unfiltered nature of the content.


  • Lost + Brain: Ripoff hypnotism Death Note. ‘Nuff said.
  • Category: Freaks: Generally, I think quite highly of manga, but this manga has the honour(???) of catching my ire after I found two volumes of it at the manga library and dropped it after one. Nothing really tops my disappointment or its stinker status for me (it gets my lowest manga score of 25 out of 100), although I have erased my memory of exactly why it earns that. My note (“Pretty darned terrible all ’round”) doesn’t seem to help with that in the slightest.
  • Mukidashi no Hakuchou (The Naked Swan): There’s an exhibitionist in BnHA: Vigilantes which is based on this guy. You can see why I dropped it now. (However, it was the previous work of the mangaka behind Mitama Security, which I did mildly like, which should explain why I looked at it in the first place.)

Certainly, this post wasn’t as in-depth as Phoenix’s series of dropped manga posts, but that’s because if I don’t have any notes for it, I will forget what I thought about the series over time.

So, if you want to hear about reasons why I dropped something specific, you can just ask. (That…is assuming I remember why I dropped it in the first place.)

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