Tales of Luminaria: Press Play, Fast Forward

The title refers to the opening line of this song.

I’m not familiar with the Tales of series all that much, aside from the fact I watched a few episodes of Tales of Zestiria the Cross back when it simulcasted. That meant I came to this anime – lured by Yuichiro Umehara, as I do – basically a blank slate.

Welp, in a sense, I got what I bargained for(?) – I don’t feel like I should play the game, because this feels like an animated version of the (first instalment of the?) game on fast forward, including all the CGI. The CGI is…pretty okay, actually, and it gets put to use when the special green attacks and the enemy’s pink neon glows come into play, but when you look at, say, the fabric moving, it can take you out of the moment a bit. Then again, it also makes the traditionally animated segment near the end of the 1st episode stand out and the CGI comic segment in the 2nd stand out even worse.

One of the other big things is how it uses slow-mo, Matrix-style. The slowdowns only happen infrequently and, thankfully, in a non-intrusive manner, but if you’d prefer to have your battles going at a consistent pace, a la Akudama Drive, this is not the anime for you.

The women’s costumes can be kind of distracting too. While Celia, the ostensible female protagonist, is dressed sensibly, all women in this are extremely well-endowed. (Welp, Hugo’s outfit is backless on the shoulders and I like Leo’s hair and abs – CGI be damned – so I ain’t complainin’!) (<- guilty as charged)

Other than that, it’s…fine. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

I normally don’t get rather enthused about writing about things I find perfectly ordinary, but I managed to scrounge up enough to write a post. That’s why this post comes off as lacklustre (also, it’s only about 300 words with all the WordPress block notations, so it reminds me of my extra-short fanfiction chapters from about a decade ago).

What do you think about this?

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