Reviewing What to Do With Reviews

Inspired by Lyn. Why are reviews so common? Reviews have their own built-in audience: people who are on the fence about the contentpeople who want to know things like content warnings for themselves or otherspeople who've already consumed the content and want to know others' opinions on it 2. tends to get the least... Continue Reading →

What Makes Ya Boy Kongming Tick?

I didn't think I'd like Paripi Koumei for this long, to be honest... In some ways, Paripi Koumei is not a series I'd particularly like. Ancient Chinese history bores me, to be honest - all that stuff about war strategy and tradition is more my dad's domain. Despite that, I love it - which is... Continue Reading →

The Eximius Blog Award

I don't think I've seen this award before Terrance Crow tagged me... Meta note: I started this post, mostly finished it...and then left it for a while to finish other stuff, including putting out a 1st impressions post on Paripi Koumei which makes this post seem out-of-sync in retrospect. (Source: Crow's post, linked above) Rules... Continue Reading →

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