What Makes Ya Boy Kongming Tick?

I didn’t think I’d like Paripi Koumei for this long, to be honest…

In some ways, Paripi Koumei is not a series I’d particularly like. Ancient Chinese history bores me, to be honest – all that stuff about war strategy and tradition is more my dad‘s domain. Despite that, I love it – which is aided by the fact it’s the only current thing I’m watching, week by week. (Yup, I haven’t bought Crunchyroll yet.)

Despite the isekai element being a huge draw for this premise, the isekai element doesn’t really impact on the series at all aside from moulding how the title character (and his employer) thinks, so hypothetically you could replace Kongming with any old 3 Kingdoms nerd (of which there is one in the cast – Owner Kobayashi – but he’s too much of a side character to carry the show), but although I found other reasons to believe in it (as you can see by how I connect Eiko’s position as bartender to my own job in the previous post), that isekai element is a big part of why I had faith in it in the first place…

It did not even occur to me that the OP was a cover of a different song (called Bulikiraly, by Jolly and Suzy) until I started blasting it on repeat…I knew the ED was a cover of a song by Mihimaru GT, but the OP? No. That was likely because, like a few cases in dance music (see, for instance, Say My Name (Spectrum), which is the Calvin Harris remix of the song in question), it’s named after the most common refrain, rather than the actual name and the actual name may never appear in the song proper. It also begs the question – how did some Hungarian song become popular enough in Japan in the first place to merit this? Questions, questions…

Sidenote: The dance visuals of the OP – as flashy as they are – probably also contributed to my thoughts, especially contrasted with the ED’s more lowkey “closing time at the bar” visuals. Anime OPs are normally not covers, but EDs have a much higher chance of being covers.

So why do I follow this anime week-by-week? Although Kongming and Eiko lack substance by themselves, even at 4 episodes in, the story that brings that together is humorous and layered enough that it’s better than the sum of its parts. Add that to the charm of the covers that comprise both OP and ED, plus some of the random incidental knowledge (and occasional Googling) I can bring to my experience of this and we have a winner.

Sidenote 2: If you wanted me to nitpick more, I have an AniList forum post critiquing episode 2 and comparing to the manga in detail. The “flappy thing” is a fan made of crane feathers, by the way.

What do you think about this?

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