Summer 2022 First Impressions: Phantom of the Idol

This anime kicks off the summer 2022 season, so check over there for some more notes on this series.

Look, HiDive – if you’re going to advertise me your newest anime on your front page, at least link to it properly somewhere? I mean, I had to figure out what the link slug for Phantom of the Idol was from opening up a different anime, even though there’s an image of it on the landing page (as of my checking on the 2nd of July 2022 in my time). It wasn’t on the simulcast page (as far as I could see at the time) and the only way you can feasibly know it exists from browsing the site is a link at the very bottom of the day’s episode releases on the schedule page. I know it’s release day and so not everything is set up properly, but at least do a little better with your interface…?

Anyways, Phantom of the Idol (or Kami Kuzu Idol, God-Tier Scum Idol or whatever you wanna call it – I thought the Japanese title was better for a bit because of the English title’s reliance on a reference, but the two work as well as each other, now that I’ve had a chance to think about it) is…well, it’s not going to change anybody’s world. In fact, people may be actively deterred from the sheer slight-awkwardness of the CGI dance sequences or the clear low-budget-ness of the fans waving their glowsticks around during said sequences. However, I believe it’s funny enough to pull through for 10 episodes…I felt Yuuya’s ennui and that kinship is enough to win me over, really.

Other notes:

  • …but why can’t Yoshino go solo…?
  • …that can is so obviously a parody of BOSS coffee.
  • The comment above Yuuya in the OP when he splats is “Condition: Used up all his energy just [getting to the office].”
  • The word above that character (the black and white text) is…”Super new”? (not sure about context, so might find out what this might be over the course of the anime)
  • These rival idols look a bunch like the King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars guys.
  • One of Asahi’s albums is called “Hallelujah”.
  • …I think behind Yuuya’s shoulder, you can see what appears to be Asahi’s signature. With a smiley face and everything. (Is that a signature for Shun Horie to Asahi’s left?)
  • The fact they managed to retain the slightly derpy look on Asahi!Yuuya’s CGI model is enough to make me giggle. However, that doesn’t help the fact the performance is CGI in the first place… (slight concern)
  • The line “I want to get to know the real you”…how ironic. Heh.
  • No, why is there a sloth?!

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