Summer 2022 First Impressions: Tokyo Mew Mew New

I had my reservations about this series, but since it’s a reboot and not a sequel (…so far…), it should be safe…right…?

If I could make this post incoherent screaming of something to the effect of “Magical girls rule!”, then I would. However, you want more words from me than that…so if you’ve seen the original, you’ll probably be taken back to Saturday morning cartoons or other nostalgic times in front of the TV during the ’90s and ’00s. If you haven’t, then it’s a mostly topnotch intro for a magical girl show…like all good magical girl shows, it even pokes fun at itself lightly when Ichigo points out how sketchy Ryo and Keiichiro are (during the truck scene).

Other notes:

  • Apparently this is a remake, so I’m safe! I can watch this! I haven’t watched the original, even though it’s a cornerstone of ‘90s magical girl anime – the licensing just never worked out for me.
  • …why do magical girls insist on falling in love anyway? ~Drama???~ (<- Update from editing Aria: Remember, I was basically disillusioned from the whole romance thing when I discovered Sounds Fake but Okay at the start of 2022, although of course my love for magical girls – and thus being used to their tropes – predates that by many years.)
  • I will never get used to Mew Mint having long wavy hair…
  • The Korean heart gesture(…?) seems rather out of place in a remake for a 90s anime…
  • To be honest, I didn’t know what I was seriously going to be until I got mid-way through high school…and then I dropped that course of action when it turned out I sucked at that. *sweatdrops* So I get it, Ichigo.
  • This whole “Mint passes on tickets to an endangered animal exhibit” feels vaguely Straw Millionaire-ish…
  • The text for the exhibit clearly says “Red Data Animal Exhibit”…
  • …I’m not sure about the boob jiggle, but…otherwise, yay!

What do you think about this?

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