The Quest for an Anime About Hacking Continues (AKA Summer 2022 First Impressions: Yurei Deco)

Details can be found in this post. It's said there's an anime or manga about everything on occasion and that seems to be right to some degree...except for hacking/coding, which ends up being massively sensationalised to the point most of the time it's depicted, it's not particularly realistic. (Plus translation/interpreting, but that's 1) extremely meta... Continue Reading →

Aria’s Original Sin

...It's funny how karma comes to bite you in the butt sometimes, yeah? (Also, minor spoilers ahead for the Hypnosis Mic drama track Mixed Up.) Hear me out: one day, I was translating this Hypnosis Mic fan comic: ...That should be the end of the line, really. An open-and-shut case. However, the punchline for... Continue Reading →

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