The Quest for an Anime About Hacking Continues (AKA Summer 2022 First Impressions: Yurei Deco)

Details can be found in this post.

It’s said there’s an anime or manga about everything on occasion and that seems to be right to some degree…except for hacking/coding, which ends up being massively sensationalised to the point most of the time it’s depicted, it’s not particularly realistic. (Plus translation/interpreting, but that’s 1) extremely meta for me and 2) beside the point.) However, I’m happy to say anime these days are getting closer to that reality. For one thing, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, with the scene near the end regarding a BIOS, is actually fairly close to what I want, especially because the command ls that Hiroki uses proves he’s using Unix.

…aside from the BIOS check error message calling someone an idiot, of course. No one wants to be called an idiot.

So with Yurei Deco having just begun as I write this post on the 5th of July 2022, is it the anime I want? Is it both fun and genuinely educational in terms of coding?

…uh, nope, but it is a candy-coloured mystery. I wouldn’t mind being dragged around by these two protagonists for 12 episodes, but I do have better things on my plate this season *looks at Tokyo Mew Mew New and Kami Kuzu Idol*.

Other notes:

  • Crunchyroll’s on Yurei Deco’s production committee…
  • The stuff in front of the house…looks like a macaron and a yellow orange, haha.
  • I watched episodes 1 and 2 almost back to back after postponing episode 1 down one week, so I have more notes.
  • The CGI doesn’t really stand out in this anime. It’s pretty amazing how it can do that.
  • *sighhhhhhhh* Why are all hackers eccentric anyway? Is it because the reality – hackers and crackers that are antisocial NEETS – sucks???
  • Sometimes I wonder if I’m watching Yurei Deco or an old-timey arcade running game, like Pac-Man or something. (Update: …I’m joking…a bit.)
  • The committee task force reminds me of the security club in Eizouken.
  • I too would like a blob cat if it were low maintenance.
  • So…Hack [the partially-invisible hacker] is a girl and Finn [the conical hat person] is a guy? (based on their voice actors, Anna Nagase and Miyu Irino respectively) That’s definitely new inroads for gender expression right there.

What do you think about this?

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