Wrapping Up Winter 2021

Spoilers below, as always.


Wrapped itself up neatly. I’d dare to say it was maybe a bit too neat, but that doesn’t stop it from being heartwarming anyway. I was also following Sk8: Chill Out!, the chibi manga which accompanies the series, on Young Ace Up and that put a bit more details on things (although it wasn’t anything too important, as you’d expect of a chibi series). Sk8 was that one anime a season I probably clung to more than I should have, although falling away from it, or even a series like it (because of all those episodes I still have to catch up on from up to a year ago), was one sign I wasn’t doing so well mentally, so I need to pay attention to that.

Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!

Dealt me the most second-hand embarrassment at the start, where my memories of the series were the clearest, but as the series moved away from that, it just became a series that was just there for a chuckle every now and again. It was a bad choice to parody the Dark Era, I think, due to the discrepancy in tone between the original and Wan!.

Note: The day before I finished Wave!!, Wan got licensed by Kodansha USA.

Healin’ Good PreCure

This, being the series that continued well into the pandemic even after the other series had paused to adjust to the new normal, was probably the single biggest problem that caused my entire simulcast schedule to fall apart and the reason I stopped watching simulcasts entirely in summer 2021 and winter 2022 – it only serves a specific purpose and can be embarrassing to watch while others are around, so I kept delaying watching it, but when I’m feeling alone, going back to magical girl anime always works, so (after being more ahead than usual on an assignment) I ditched said assignment for a bit to marathon the last 10 or so episodes. It’s 5 episodes shorter than the norm, due to said pandemic, though.

As for the anime itself, it was clear what was meant to happen in 2020 (due to the sports and health focuses) but speaks very much to our time now, living with the threat of lockdown looming over our backs…Otherwise, once you’ve seen one PreCure series, you’ve basically seen them all, including the new character mid-season.


The anime itself is decent, but since it focuses on a sport not typically seen in anime, it’s better than decent. If you like dudes, you’ll definitely like the amount of skin shown *raises eyebrows*. If you like corgis, then there is a corgi – there’s also a love story with said corgi and a bull terrier, which does consume some valuable screen time (for the worse? Depends if you like dogs, really). There’s a bit of CGI, but you get used to it after a bit.

Kemono Jihen

Much more fun (and full of lore, see Rebecca Silverman’s reviews) than the series gives itself credit for. I checked out Hokenshitsu no Shinigami before I started the anime of Kemono Jihen, so I know what Aimoto-sensei is capable of, mythology/shonen-wise. It’s good for scratching an itch somewhere between Jujutsu Kaisen, Bungo Stray Dogs and Kimetsu no Yaiba, I think. As for the content itself, it feels complete due to the big battle between Nobimaru and Yui, but has a hook for a 2nd season built in. I am still barfing at the romance between Kabane and Aya, even if it’s played for laughs, especially since I binged that bit so it’s rather fresh in my memory as I do these rolling mini-reviews.

Update: Jesus Crepes’ slogan…too funny.


The only thing that makes this stand out from other romance series is 1) a stronger character focus than most and 2) a slightly stronger focus on (extremely tame) kinks. To be honest, Horimiya gained my ire because I navel-gazed at one point as I was working through it and that caused me to stall on this series a tonne, because it tells me what I lose out on by being (or identifying as) aspec and/or arospec. That said, if you’re looking for a romance series, this is probably head and shoulders above a lot of other series in its genre space.

Sorry for the extremely long delay – this post has been over a year and a half in the making! So what do you think of these series?


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  1. SK8 is still one of my favorites… which I swore up and down that I would cover and I haven’t. It’s been over a year so I guess a re-watch for me is in order?? Safe to say it has a very special place in my heart.

    I meant to check out Wave, couldn’t find it, forgot about it but it sounds like it’d be up my alley if I came across it somewhere legally.

    Horimiya was one of my favorites. Great series, actually watched it a second time in full a few months after it came out. Seriously some great stuff.

    Also congrats on keeping up with this! I know it took you a long time but it seems like it was really worth it to finish this!!


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