Do You Love Your Family and their Anime Antics?

We all talk about getting non-anime fans into anime, but what about the opposite…?

I’ve fallen behind on the new season again (because my Funimation subscription is running out in a few months) and that means I don’t really want to blog anything else.

So, the real topic here is: what are the problems which you’d only have with a family of anime fans?

I’ve mentioned in the past my mother got me into anime and manga, although lately I seem to have surpassed her (because while she’s fluent in Chinese/Cantonese while I’m less fluent, I have my knowledge in Japanese). She’ll watch anything from Natsume Yuujincho to Higurashi Gou. My oldest sibling is the biggest “normie”, but they owe their online handle to Angelic Layer, much like mine is Detective Conan-themed. My younger siblings occasionally partake in anime and manga as well – my youngest sibling is fond of shoujo such as Fruits Basket while the other sibling is more into Kimetsu no Yaiba and other Shonen Jump properties. My dad is the only one who generally frowns upon this hobby of ours, but if he’s bored and watching Cantonese TV, he’ll still watch dubbed Doraemon.

With all that said, I’ve run into these problems before:

Who watches seasonal anime first

Depending on who has the money/time/right source, people’s anime experiences will inevitably change when it comes to seasonal shows. It gets worse when two or more people in the same family compete for the same group of episodes, because then one may get spoilt by the other just when they’re passing by each other…

Competing for bandwidth to watch anime first

Similar to the first one, competition means increased demand for the same source…in this case, shared internet.

Series that the whole family watches…

…do you get ahead on the series you’re watching with someone else when you have the time, but they don’t? Do you watch a movie together or separately? Weathering with You was one two of us saw separately, which led to the points below.

Discussing the nitty-gritty of series with each other

I’ve had entire conversations with my siblings that have big verbal spoiler warnings before because they knew I was watching an anime which they’d already finished (a certain conversation about Cardcaptor Sakura’s Yue comes to mind).

In the household, if someone gets ahold of an English-language Detective Conan manga volume from the library, it’ll be passed from person to person before finally being returned. Occasionally, we do talk about big Detective Conan points such as the identity of Black Organisation member Bourbon (who only recently started showing up in the English-language volumes, as of the time of completing this post in early August 2022).

Warning each other about terrible series and recommending each other series

This is probably the best part, although it’s probably better to factor in others’ decision-making choices as well when passing judgement on what sucks and what doesn’t. One person’s “sucks” is another person’s “not sucks”, after all, and this works even within families.

To be fair, I’ve even gotten recommendations from my cousin before when they arrived to attend a wedding (don’t tell them this, but I still haven’t gotten around to Kyoukai no Kanata!).

The good thing about this blog is outside of myself, my family isn’t a bunch of blog readers, so I don’t think they’ll read this post. If you find this post hard to follow, that’s because I’ve deliberately obscured the genders of most people just in case they ever do read this.

(Also thanks to Jon Spencer and friends, whose discussion about watching anime with their families got me to finally finish this post I had in my drafts.)


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  1. Honestly, this sounds like so much fun! I would love it if I had family members that also watched anime! Alas, though I have a big family, no one else will watch anime! I’ve only convinced one or two to even try it!

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