Sending Off Summer 2022

Thanks to holding off on Hataraku Maou-sama!! and eventually Hoshi no Samidare, because of how big the backlog got (the AniList Watching Challenge people started a thing called the Hero’s War which kinda stressed me out due to its time-sensitive nature), I only have these two anime from the summer.

Tokyo Mew Mew New

Pretty standard for the genre…except if you watched the original anime or read the original manga when you were younger. I had a pretty fun time with it, albeit a pretty mindless time (although that’s not necessarily a bad thing – I need more escapism than ever, now that I’m juggling more balls in the air – figuratively speaking – than ever).

Now that this has a season 2 announced, if you’re on the fence about this – yes, even if you watched the original and so feel disdain towards this remake – it’s best you get on the Mew Mew New train now.

Kami Kuzu Idol

Another anime that’s pretty standard for its genre. Lost its sheen after most of it was listening to Kasenjiki’s group go on about how cool ZINGS existing is…even though it was my top anime going into the season, because I held back on Hataraku Maou-sama!!.

The ending almost seemed like it was going to drop an s2 announcement, but…it didn’t. Maybe it’ll get one later, when there’s more content in the source material…(?)

…welp, there’s not much to say this time. What did you think about this season or about these anime?


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