Blogging is a Paradox

…I swear, aside from Manga March posts, all I’ve done lately is blogging about blogging…

(This series of thoughts started in Scott’s comment section.)

Meta note: This post was mostly written during the Fate/Stay Night AniTwitWatches, which ran in January of 2022. How ironic that it comes out at a time where I’m barely blogging at all…

I’m joking a bit about the introduction, because looking at my recent output, I do actually have some anime posts in there. It’s just that a lot of my anime-related thinking went towards future posts and #AniTwitWatches lately, if not trying to dodge or inevitably having to get back to my spreadsheet of unfinished anime, so I forget they exist.

Welp, but ain’t it true it’s important to read other blogs because blogging is a paradox? You have to feed the beast to keep it alive and it requires your life experience and point of view to keep it alive. You can use whatever knowledge you have – heck, maybe even go to classes – and feed that right back into your writing. So long as the passion is there, people will reward you for your blogging by sticking around.

Blogging fame is ephermeal, but done right, blogging friendships are basically forever. This especially tends to ring true when you monetise your blog – the most likely people to fling money your way are those you’ve developed deep internet relationships with. Imma be frank with you, part of my first paycheck went towards flinging money at content creators who’d helped me shape my identity and/or content creators with cool perks I felt I was missing out on.

To be fair, blogging is only half an experience when consumed passively. Nothing shows passion like a lengthy, non-spam blog comment, even if it does scare people a little to receive what I call a “can of whoop-ass”. If you do think a block of text in your comment section is daunting, block out a bit of time just to read it – read it as many times as you need, proofread it and then send that response off. Most responses don’t have a time limit they need to be sent within, so don’t rush!

…Welp, back to the present (mid-October 2022), but let’s talk about the future. Now that Funimation is dead on my end, I’m going to watch stuff off my spreadsheet for a bit. That said, I’ve surpassed 1000 total anime (including a bunch of music videos and TV shorts) and have almost hit 100 total days(!!!) so I’ll probably speed up enough to get that milestone and then slow down again. My main focus right now is Kekkai Sensen and Beyond…which I only ever watch while doing chores due to not getting a choice about legally getting the dub or not…so that and the long-overdue AniList challenge known as the Hero’s War mean I may take a while. I am aware I owe a Kekkai Sensen post now, but I barely took any notes for it, so the resultant post will likely be about rewatching in general.

This means I will probably let the fall 2022 anime pass me by. (Yes, even Spy x Family, which I love to bits.) I’m too far out of the seasonal system to go back into it at this point and I don’t want to keep apologising for not keeping up with an obligation which is purely self-imposed.

Speaking of self-imposed obligations, I figured in July or so it was time to clean up my anime list by bringing it to 50% completion. My anime club was the reason I kept not achieving this goal, but a few days out from when I write this is my final screening with them unless they hold Discord screenings, so I will hit that goal in the future…that is, if I don’t keep adding to the problem myself (<-another reason why I haven’t hit 100 days yet).


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