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Blogs Instrumental in the History of This One


  • Wave Motion Cannon – Hosts various content. They are probably most notable for the Yuri!!! on Ice translations, to me at least.
  • Sakuga Blog – The quintessential follow for sakuga and production notes.
  • Frog-kun (Fantastic Memes) – From what I’ve seen him do on Anime News Network and this blog, he covers cons as well as light novels and anime. Notably, he covered Violet Evergarden for ANN’s weekly reviews.
  • InkSquid (Through the Painting) – Has a great 3 part translation for a Haruko Kumota interview (part 1 here) as well as dealing with various languages in their blogging.
  • AniGamers – Some of the staff for Sakuga Blog, Otaku USA Magazine and Wave Motion Cannon also work on this blog/podcast. A good place to start for this blog is this 12 Principles of Anime post.


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