We All Have Our Quirks, But Maybe They’re Not These…

Even though Boku no Hero Academia has the superpowers known as Quirks (kosei), there’s something very group-oriented about it… I was reading an academic piece on how Japanese people are taught from youth about how to distinguish between different social groups and categories in general (often broadly put into the distinction of “inside” - uchi... Continue Reading →

Reinforcing and Breaking Gender Roles in Gakuen Babysitters

Gakuen Babysitters may be part drama, part comedy and part “aww” factor, but it still manages to point out social issues along the way. In episode 10 of Gakuen Babysitters, Kumatsuka-sensei asks Ryuichi, Hayato and Usaida to dress in drag (i.e. wear wigs and pretend they’re girls) for her husband, who’s protective of his little... Continue Reading →

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