Sweet Mystery [Hyouka Review, for Reverse Thieves Secret Santa 2018] (2nd Day of Anime 2018)

I've been working hard on this post for a good two months, so you better appreciate this! I-It's not like I write reviews for every show and everyone, baka... Synopsis: Houtarou Oreki is a boy who’d rather live life at his own pace, while Eru Chitanda is a girl who’s constantly curious about everything (“Ki... Continue Reading →

Saiyuki Reload Vols. 1 – 2 Manga Review

I wanted to find my own unique way of reviewing things and almost went with "turn the review into a story" approach, then I realised trying to make a story out of such a diverse medium was too farfetched...so here’s the review I was going to make fancier. Unless I start branching out into light... Continue Reading →

Accel World Vol. 1 Manga Review

Irina’s talk about reviews reminded me I haven't done a manga review yet, so…here goes… Synopsis: Here's a series about the virtual world…wish fulfilment and escapism…and a long-haired, elegant waifu which was designed specifically for otaku dreams… No, I'm not talking about Sword Art Online (henceforth SAO), though they're by the same creator. Source material: Light... Continue Reading →

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