Final Impressions for Summer 2018

I almost forgot it was time to wrap up another season... Since I've already watched the first episode of Double Decker! Doug and Kirill (if it's October where you are, check here for what I thought of that show) and written up what I want to see for fall 2018 (if it's past September 26th... Continue Reading →

Sending Off Spring 2018

There was way too much good stuff this season, so putting down some final thoughts for each will be pretty hard... Boueibu is still missing an episode due to its delay, plus Nobunaga no Shinobi and Boku no Hero Academia are continuing, but otherwise these should cover the entirety of the show. If not specified,... Continue Reading →

Winter 2018 Wrap-up

Let's wrap this up. For some reason, my "seasonal rankings" tag became a "seasonal wrap-up" somewhere along the way, so that's the new tag for the final takes on the season. Also, due to the special debut Crunchyroll are doing with Mahou Shoujo Ore, I had to get these posts out about a week or... Continue Reading →

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