Trying to Find One Anime to Represent You is Too Hard!

Inspired by Zainou's post and the subsequent anecdotes. Meta context: This incident in this anecdote - and most of the text being written up - happened pre-COVID, so you can kind of date it based on that. The scheduler says it's from late July 2018. Imagine, if you will, a building inspired by Japanese architecture.... Continue Reading →

Turn a Blind Eye

Passersby did their best to dodge a blonde man in a black tracksuit, running, full speed ahead. He grasped the top of a bamboo fence as high as he was and hauled himself over without breaking a sweat...One might even describe his actions as being like a monkey. “Kyousuke! What’s the meaning o’ this?!” Enya... Continue Reading →

The Write Process

Let’s talk about blogging for once. How I write, why I write and when I write. Long meta note: This is a prewritten post I had on my old computer, dated circa June 2019. I was hoping not to use it, since my process has changed significantly since then, but...I better come clean. Lately, aside... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 11 – 12

Previous eps. Eps 1 - 3Eps 4 - 6Eps 7 - 8Eps 9 - 10 Episodic Impressions Episode 11 Margarine (pun on the manga magazine, Margaret).This begs the question…what happened to the “real” Makoto? The one “Makoto” got her name from?…what the actual heck is up with Fail Kitagawa and Yuichi here? (weak LOL)Shiori sounds... Continue Reading →

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