Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 16 – Spider Mother Wrenches Limbs and Hearts

I haven’t watched the supposedly-awesome episode 19 (yet, as of this reblog), but in the meantime, catch up with our post on ep. 16.

The Moyatorium

This episode has who I think is the most likable villain so far, and I’m happy I got to post it.

  • Purple = Aria (patron of Ukogi)
  • Green = Plyasm (defender of shounen glamour)
  • Blue Astral (possessor of a good heart)
  • Red = Me (sympathizer of spiders)

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode? [Mandatory]

Aside from Zenitsu’s bit (where I kept noticing the use of his CGI model), it’s a return to form for Demon Slayer.

I’ll be honest, as much as I think Kyougai is a cool villain with cool powers, his arc was pretty slow-paced, with not a lot happening each episode. This episode I feel marks a return to form for Demon Slayer, as the pacing seems to really be picking up again, and giving us some nice action as well.

Finally another strategy battle (probably the most complex one yet), and…

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Demon Sayer Corps: Episode 15 – A Mountain of Spiders and Breath of the Beast

We’re catching up! (However, it seems Astral forgot to colour Ply’s and Moya’s responses to Q1…)

The Zodiac Room

Another week, another fantastic episode of Demon Slayer to review. Seriously, this show is really doing a great job in the Shounen battle department. Not only are the visuals just absolutely stunning, like, every single episode, but the pacing is pretty nice as well, or at least it’s fixed itself from the somewhat slow pacing of the last few episodes.

With all that said, I think we’re all enjoying this show, and the collab as a whole, so why don’t we get right into the episode, eh?

Me, as always.

Moyatori, queen of confections

Aria, professional shounen criticist

Plyasm, the lazy boi

What are your general thoughts on this episode?

It’s half-and-half, with the interactions with the spider demons being the better half by far. I don’t want to spend entire episodes of Zenitsu chasing Tanjiro and Nezuko around, to be honest. 

While Zenitsu is irritating as always, we…

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Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep13: Cooling down

Hot on the heels of publishing ep. 14’s post, here’s…uh, ep. 13, which is the only post I haven’t reblogged or published so far.

Plyasm's wormhole

Sup. I’m alive, yay~

Nah, not really yay, since I’m still not going to do any extra posts(yet), but at least the collab post is still coming out.

And uh, that’s actually about all I want to say before the collab post. Hopefully I’ll actually get the time, energy and drive to finish my own posts sometime, all ye poor people waiting for me to post *good* stuff again.

Anyways, here’s the discussion around episode 13 of Kimetsu no Yaiba!

Purple: Scary cat lady[link to blog]
Red: Slightly less scary cat lady  [link to blog]
Blue: The one that won’t stop waifuing people [link to blog]
Green: A stupid that didn’t join the collab for a while due to dying

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode?

I think this is the first real so-so episode I’ve…

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Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 12 – Somnambulism, Motion Sickness, and Other Afflictions

In this (even later than usual, sorry) episode of the collab, stupid puns are made, stupid puns are revealed and…maybe, just maybe, there might be some praise for Zenitsu.

The Moyatorium

Happy July 24th! You ask me what’s happening on this day? Well…nothing in particular as far as I know, but I’m sure we can find a reason to celebrate on Foodimentary – oh guess what, it’s National Tequila Day! I refuse to drink any alcohol that isn’t sweetened, and this certainly doesn’t relate to the episode in any way, but congrats if you celebrate this holiday.

  • Purple = Aria (crazy bird lady)
  • Green = Plyasm (future-seeing manga reader)
  • Blue Astral (Nezuko’s other oniisan)
  • Red = Me (hard-to-impress shounen critic)

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode? [Mandatory]

Woot! More worldbuilding, more Kasugai crow (although he scared me for a second) and more butt-kicking.

Zenitsu redeeming himself unconsciously, demon politics, and Tanjiro’s self-to-self pep talk (which I surprisingly didn’t mind).

Man, the combat in this show is always just so good. Tanjiro being a good boi aside…

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Kimetsu no Yaiba collab – Episode 11: The Coward and the Kids

On this episode of the Demon Slayer collab, Ply’s back, Astral goes full shonen nut, Moya acts as the voice of reason…and I end up making a fool of myself.

(To be fair, I do admit why I don’t get the joke earlier in the post.)

The Zodiac Room

Why hello, my beautiful people! Welcome back to the world of Kimetsu no yaiba, where us bloggers are pathetically flailing at the keyboard to try and catch up to a show that’s threatening to leave us behind. I take no part in the blame for these circumstances…

I do, however, feel no shame in admitting that I’m enjoying this show far more than I perhaps should be. It’s just excellent shounen goodness all wrapped in a beautiful bundle of swords and nonsensical powers and it’s just lovely… but enough of my drooling. You came here for a collection of dorky thoughts and half-fleshed-out answers, so here you go.

Le me of bloo

Teh Aria de poorple

El Moya in rreddd

… who is dis porson again? gren

What are your general thoughts on this episode?[Mandatory]

Zenitsu was…way worse than I thought he’d be for the show’s humour and that sunk…

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Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 9 – Spheres and Vectors

On this episode of the Demon /Sayer/ Corps, Moya realises how out of her element she is, Astral sucks at haiku, Ply is completely absent…and as for me? That’s the punchline – I don’t want to spoil it.

The Moyatorium

Hihi! Happy July. We’re slowly catching up with this show, isn’t that neat?

  • Purple = Aria (Officially the team coordinator by now)
  • Green = Plyasm (Passed out for some reason)
  • Blue Astral (Surgery recoveree and Nezuko slave)
  • Red = Me (I got a [second] job! We’ll see how it goes…)

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode?[Mandatory]

I’m pretty happy with what I got, as always.

Any episode with action is a good episode in my book. The quality/intensity of fights only goes up from here on out, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

I’m not enthusiastic about fights with evil subordinates, so only a few moments got my attention. I fast-forwarded 5-10 seconds whenever a character started spouting unnecessary comments mid-battle.

2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it? (If it does) [Mandatory]

Yup. (It’s not a…

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Kimetsu no Yaiba Collab – Episode 8: Enchanting Blood.

Another Demon Slayer collab post is up! This time, we do some (very late) flower-viewing and appreciate us some gore…

…Yes, it is possible to do both in the same post.

The Zodiac Room

It’s again my turn to post the collab… and I’ve broken a promise that I set last time to let you guys know what’s up… Something that Aria has no qualms about reminding me. BUT I WILL MAKE AN EXPLANATION POST! I promise! Anyways, in the meantime, we may be a little behind (partially my fault but mostly Ply’s fault so just blame him) we’re getting around to some progress.

The intelligent and thoughtful Aria

The super awesome and famous Moya

And the struggling yours truly.

The other one opted not to participate because he’s lazy.

What are your general thoughts on this episode?

Much fun, such wow. Yushiro and Tamayo make good additions to the cast, although it seems Gotouge really likes angry bois.

Tamayo’s character certainly adds depth to the whole demon vs. human conflict. She also introduces us to more technical sci-fi aspects of what…

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