Lost in Translation with Cipher Academy

When I was told even a professional translator found a cipher manga impossible to translate, I had to get in on the action. (Spoilers for Cipher Academy up to chapter 11 ahead!) Cipher Academy is definitely a difficult manga to tackle, for any translator. I mean, it's by Nisio Isin, he of Katanagatari and the... Continue Reading →

Language Learning Goals for 2023

Typically, I'm quite good at maintaining set goals, as you could see with the resolutions in 2018, which I finished 3 months early. Meanwhile, I kept saying in 2022 I was hoping to get 100 days of anime watched, but I only hit that last week! So much for being an anime fan on main...... Continue Reading →

How Cowboy Bebop Does Horror Well

Cowboy Bebop - a perennial anime classic which manages to span many moods, including horror. I've said before anime doesn't do a lot of horror and one of those reasons is because other genres of anime do it better. Cowboy Bebop nails this, particularly with Toys in the Attic but also with Black Dog Serenade.... Continue Reading →

Blogging is a Paradox

...I swear, aside from Manga March posts, all I've done lately is blogging about blogging... (This series of thoughts started in Scott's comment section.) Meta note: This post was mostly written during the Fate/Stay Night AniTwitWatches, which ran in January of 2022. How ironic that it comes out at a time where I'm barely blogging... Continue Reading →

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