Social Anxiety Through Comedy (A Tsuritama Rewatch Project Post)

Tsuritama doesn't feature social anxiety as front and centre as other anime do, but the strange faces Yuki makes are window dressing for a bigger issue. Meta context: This post originally was written in December 2020, around the Netflix "airing" of Komi Can't Communicate. Originally the intro text above the cut referred to a Komi... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t People Like Anime Feminists?

Inspired by this Artifice post and...well, Anime Feminist itself. Obviously, some people do like anime feminists - hence the blog in question - but there are some who don't. Admittedly, my stance on the word "feminism" has been bugging me since 2015 or so, when someone asked me if I was a feminist. I said... Continue Reading →

100 Worst Anime Openings! – K and Friends Rate “Bad” Anime OPs

After a long time with no collabs here on the Spellbook, here’s…something. I hope you like confusingly terrible anime OPs, because there’s enough in this video to make your head spin…

P.S. I submitted exactly one OP and that OP made it into this video. Which one, though? Just try and guess.

K at the Movies

This is a long and arduous process but I’m happy finally have it come together. I mean I watched it with some of the people featured in my esteemed judges panel and I think the fact that I can sing-along with most of these proved that I’ve probably gone insane. Yes, I asked a month ago what are the worst, the awful, the annoying, the just epically bad anime openings that you know and we’re going to find what is the worst. Did we find the right choice for the worst our opinions a little whack. I guess you’ll just have to watch the video and see what you think.

Thanks to the Cast

Of course this wouldn’t have been as great without everyone coming together, from everyone who participated in the open ballot poll, to who retweeted and shared the poll, judged anime openings and watched the video. I…

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Must-read Monthly Monday (May ’21 ed.)

If it's not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 19th of April 2021 to the 24th of May 2021. Other People's Reads It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…... Continue Reading →

Turn a Blind Eye

Passersby did their best to dodge a blonde man in a black tracksuit, running, full speed ahead. He grasped the top of a bamboo fence as high as he was and hauled himself over without breaking a sweat...One might even describe his actions as being like a monkey. “Kyousuke! What’s the meaning o’ this?!” Enya... Continue Reading →

The Write Process

Let’s talk about blogging for once. How I write, why I write and when I write. Long meta note: This is a prewritten post I had on my old computer, dated circa June 2019. I was hoping not to use it, since my process has changed significantly since then, but...I better come clean. Lately, aside... Continue Reading →

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