“Seeing the Future”, Now

I "saw the future"...in one way of speaking. After wandering around AniChart for a while, I came across a summer 2019 video I'd never seen before...I've put it down below so you can watch it too. It's only 27 minutes with skippable credits at the end and no OP, so it shouldn't be too harsh... Continue Reading →


Relivin’ the Dream Again with Rokuhoudou

To be honest with you, I've been working on a project in secret... ...it's a rewatch project; that is, checking out some of the things on my favourites list to see if they do hold up on future watching, as all good works should. (However, the project's not as official as the others which have... Continue Reading →


  For a short-episode show that I've thrown on to my fall 2019 plan to watch list out of sheer lack of not having any good short-ep shows this year, this seems pretty good. I was staring at AniChart to compile my fall 2019 hype list and encountered a short anime called Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou (whew!... Continue Reading →

Hyping Up Fall 2019

Yikes, where did the summer season go...? I haven't really been keeping track of where the summer season has gone, since it was slow at the beginning and now it's at the pointy end for real life right now (and I keep misjudging what time I have left to do things since these days I... Continue Reading →

Bloody Tales of a Vagabond

Here's one series I haven't seen much buzz about, although I had heard of it before reading it... Now here's something that's right down my alley: a historical story based on a novel, with a lotta action and big helpings of blood to go with it (plus the occasional more mature scene to go with... Continue Reading →

Anime Watching Habits Over the Years

After replying to Jerem’s post, it made me think about the various factors that change a person’s anime watching habits… I still love anime with as much passion as I did when I first started watching, but time changes a lot of things. First of all, while people grow up with anime, their “anime watching... Continue Reading →

Should Fansubs Be Taken as Gospel?

Regardless of what you think about fan translations, the problem with them is that they lay down the foundation for weird things to happen… The answer to this Answerman (specifically “…30-page-long snail-mailed hate screeds in broken English (angry about subtitle translation choices not matching that of fansubs, natch)…”) made me think about how fansubs are... Continue Reading →

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