Getting into (Heart) Gear

Is this the Next Big Thing??? Maybe I just exaggerate my feelings when I'm in the middle of consuming a piece of media (anime/manga included, and especially when potential husbandos are involved), but Heart Gear - this new Manga Plus series I found - is really cool. Basically, Heart Gear stars Lu, the only human in... Continue Reading →


@Full Moon: Looking at Gender-Bender Manga in the Past and Present

As a self-professed fan of transformations (but having just as big a dislike of ecchi and hentai), it’s hard to find a good gender-bender manga that isn’t about getting off…so to speak. Meta context: Hmm...this post just makes me realise how out of my depth I really am when talking about the LGBTIQ+ community, even... Continue Reading →

Publisher’s Digest

Volunteering at a manga library has its perks, y'know. One of the weirdest perks is being able to memorise the publication companies for manga you might never read... The one massive undertaking I've done by volunteering at the manga library is cleaning up the database and one of the sections of said database requires the... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Reputation, Take 2

For take 1, see Seasonal Reputation, although this is more specifically replying to Ang's post on the "worst spring anime season". The first take on this post was primarily concerned with perception of seasons as "bad" or "good", since the type of shows coming out at the time were of one specific genre. However, now that... Continue Reading →

Poisoning the First Impression

If you watch a first episode because somebody else told you to, does that then wreck your first impression of a show? Zeria mentions here "[a]ll too often I hear that anime bloggers say they don't watch YouTube videos". I can't really speak on anyone else's behalf, but the reason I don't watch analysis videos anymore... Continue Reading →

How Far is Too Far When it Comes to Bishonen?

Disclaimer: I’m gonna talk about touchy subjects in this. I don’t believe strongly in any religion so I should give you the heads-up about that. Also, it says "bishonen" in the title because that's what I'm talking about in the post, but the argument also applies to moe girls/bishoujo. I like (looking at) bishonen. I like... Continue Reading →

Houston, We Have a Consumption Problem…

At the heart of anime lies a dark truth... Being liberated from the stresses of my previous IT failures let me pursue some different things in international studies - things that, surprisingly, had a lot of crossover with sociology and anthropology. Sidebar: You might be surprised to learn this, but I was seriously considering pursuing... Continue Reading →

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