Why We Don’t Have More Crime Procedural Anime

This is basically a variation on this post. Japan has quite the mystery writers' scene - if you've seen Bungou Stray Dogs, you'll know some of the names of the past, while being a Japanophile for long enough will expose you to names like Natsuhiko Kyogoku (who has his own BSD spinoff, despite being alive)...so... Continue Reading →

The Questionable Lore of Hypnosis Mic

Hypnosis Mic’s got an anime coming out soon, so I wanted to point out a few fundamental flaws, ones that will undoubtedly cause outrage when certain people hear about it… The central premise of Hypnosis Mic is that women take forcible control of Japan’s government in order to stop world war. In exchange, men fight... Continue Reading →

Act-age: Master of White Space

White space? Well, it's not always "white", but that's what you can call it. White space is that...well, space...that's got nothing on it. When learning how to make a basic website years ago, I ended up taking this away as a critical factor for design in general. What's that gotta do with Act-age? I noticed,... Continue Reading →

Why Is It Always the Girl?

This is a response to Galvanic Media (or specifically Voyager's) post. You're going to need to read that before this (and that will also explain why some works are tagged on this post, even though they're not mentioned). In retrospect, I did bring a lot of Anglophone and/or general assumptions to the post, so I... Continue Reading →

Mangaka: Evolution

You know one of the things I love about manga? Being able to follow an author's evolution through different works and see what their preferences are like. Before you begin: Yes, I know the title of this post can be considered ironic since it's focussing on manga and not live-action stuff...but come on, I can't... Continue Reading →

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