Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, But Keep Your Gaze Locked on It!

One show I don’t think I’ve talked about in this blog much is Eizouken.   Let’s just get this explanation out of the way first (it’s a question that’s been around all season, so I really want to put it to rest) – eizouken (映像研) is short for eizou kenkyuu doukoukai (映像研究同好会), or the “video... Continue Reading →

A Practical Guide to Cosplay

I'm no cosplay nut, but certain anime have made me rethink my potential for such an art... Since I miss Irina already (she is around, but in a reduced capacity), let's have a discussion about cosplay costumes...outside of Halloween season, because why not. I used to think cosplay was basically impossible, since I can't sew... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Deepens in ID: INVADED

Ever since the last time I checked in with ID: INVADED, stuff has only gotten more layered and confusing. Yes...if you didn't notice, I'm using all-caps for the title now. If you read the katakana under the English in the logo, you'll find the name of the series is actually Ido: Inveideddo, meaning it's meant... Continue Reading →

When is it Too Late to Write About A Series?

Technically, there shouldn't be such a concept as a "late review"... I was browsing around a blog and saw Violet Evergarden (A Late Review). I haven't actually read much of the post, but it got me's never too late to talk about a series, right? Quite a few series/movies are guaranteed almost constant circulation... Continue Reading →

Drifting Dragons: Pretty Yet Problematic

...not that that's a question anyone would ever ask, but here's the answer anyway. Drifting Dragons has an anime being held back by Netflix (apparently it won't drop until April), but that doesn't stop this series from being popular anyway. Outside the anime, it is a manga series by Taku Kuwabara that features Mika, Takita and... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Kado

Beware the scorned anime watcher… Meta context: This is originally from May 2018, which is why this post doesn’t address Beyond Information. I do prefer that over some of the plot points discussed in this post, but I do believe the movie came far too late for it to be effective on the long-term impressions... Continue Reading →

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