Do You Love Your Family and their Anime Antics?

We all talk about getting non-anime fans into anime, but what about the opposite...? I've fallen behind on the new season again (because my Funimation subscription is running out in a few months) and that means I don't really want to blog anything else. So, the real topic here is: what are the problems which... Continue Reading →

Anime and Manga Budget Buys – eBay Style

Now that I've wandered eBay and started trying to offload books and unwanted anime discs there, I have some eBay-specific updates to this ol' OWLS post. On eBay, as with other content on a budget, remember to keep your eyes out for signs the content is pirated, such as "rainbow stripes" where the photocopier failed... Continue Reading →

The Write Process (2)

The first post is here, although this was also inspired by this Side of Fiction post. Sidenote: This tacking of numbers to the end of post titles seems to be a completely new thing, spurred on by my return to the blogging scene. I don't know if my return will last as long as my... Continue Reading →

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