A Guide to Anime Social Media

You can get all sorts of new sides to both the fandom and the anime if you interact with the official social media, such as seeing exclusive illustrations for merchandise before it comes out. Note of advance warning: Since this is originally Japanese entertainment we're talking about, you might need knowledge of Japanese to navigate... Continue Reading →

…Did Somebody Say “Husbandos”?

Due to popular demand - by which I mean "only Nabe" - here's another husbando post. (If you don't remember, I already did a series of husbando posts while doing that one collab with Lina, Arthifis and Mel, plus the thing you could call a "waifu post".) https://twitter.com/MagicConan14/status/1322831107251933184 Obviously, mine is the top one. Nabe... Continue Reading →

The Curious Case of Otomate

Otomate is, like you would expect from a company with "otome" in the title, oriented to make stuff for women...but that's obviously not the end of the story. Okay, slightly ranty post incoming. Once upon a time, I started this anime called Hiiro no Kakera while it was streaming in my region...and never finished it.... Continue Reading →

Buster Bros: An Analysis

Inspired by posselovebot's analysis (<- spoilers for the TDD and BB & MTC manga involved). Note for this post the baseline knowledge I am expecting for this post is you've watched Rhyme Anima episode 2, but I am also including some factoids from other parts of the franchise, so in that sense it's a middle... Continue Reading →

My Stand on Anime and Manga Controversies

Admittedly, I am just using a framework from various bloggers, including Joe, for this post (several of the links are dead though, which is why I didn't link each blogger individually), but...these problem are evergreen, are they not? This is just a set of opinions, like most things on here...but obvious disclaimer is obvious. Anime... Continue Reading →

Room for Precedent

Contrary to how hush-hush some of anime production is, you can predict certain things from patterns and the like. Unlike this post, which is about foreshadowing in episode 0 of Zenonzard, this post is about the meta. You know, when you're so excited for an upcoming anime, you dig into whatever you can. With certain... Continue Reading →

Sailing the High Seas

I ended up caving for a subscription to my region's main licensing company somewhat recently, which got me thinking, what drives people to piracy in the first place? (...and no, when I say "pirates" in this post, I don't mean those pirates.) Important note: This post is not to defend piracy as a practice -... Continue Reading →

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