Sailing the High Seas

I ended up caving for a subscription to my region's main licensing company somewhat recently, which got me thinking, what drives people to piracy in the first place? (...and no, when I say "pirates" in this post, I don't mean those pirates.) Important note: This post is not to defend piracy as a practice -... Continue Reading →

Human Lost: Cyberpunk Crossing the Divides

Much like I took a song and wrote a sci-fi out of it, Human Lost does the same to Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human... ...that means it has vignettes including some of the iconic scenes of the novel, but since it's a sci-fi, it's also gotta stitch those vignettes together, for better or for worse.... Continue Reading →

A Connoisseur’s Guide to Anime Cheese

(...Yes, I'm going out on an extreme limb here and dedicating an entire post to weird cheese metaphors. Sue me.) I mention the word "cheesy" regarding some summer 2020 anime (hence the summer 2020 anime comparisons throughout this post), but to be honest, I have several meanings when it comes to that word. Note the... Continue Reading →

Is Anime Childish?

Responding to Keni's post here. Keni says that anime is childish because it's escapism. That is a valid argument, but there's more to it than simply that. (He then derails the topic to discuss what anime taught him, but while the lessons anime teaches are universal and for any age group, I can't really refute... Continue Reading →

The Ol’ Time Sink…Gacha Games…

I know this isn't a gaming blog, but since the only gacha games I devote myself to are anime-related anyway, then why not? I keep talking about HypMic ARB in my monthly round-up posts because COVID's knocked out several of the interesting things that can be done, but maybe I should elaborate on some of... Continue Reading →

What About Korea and China?

I make my allegiance to Asia pretty obvious on this blog, but God of High School makes it apparent the situation is a lot trickier than I make it out to be... Normally anime fans - and indeed, most fans of Asia in general (from my experience) - flock towards three nations of that region... Continue Reading →

Behold, the Universe is Full of Blessings!

Now that we're in our own version of the apocalypse...what did Owari no Seraph,¬†Parasyte and others predict about the end? Meta note: This Planet With post finally came to life by splicing it with a more stream-of-consciousness kind of post which covers several anime (I called it "[an] Irina-like post") I had in my drafts.... Continue Reading →

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