The Disparity Between What I Read, What I Watch and What I Play

This title of this post might seem familiar, but that's because it's inspired by Alexander Prange's (Alexie the Great's) post. I realised a while back there's quite the discrepancy between the anime and manga I have listed as AniList favourites - aside from the rare crossover, the manga has more of an emotional edge to it,... Continue Reading →


Publisher’s Digest

Volunteering at a manga library has its perks, y'know. One of the weirdest perks is being able to memorise the publication companies for manga you might never read... The one massive undertaking I've done by volunteering at the manga library is cleaning up the database and one of the sections of said database requires the... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Reputation, Take 2

For take 1, see Seasonal Reputation, although this is more specifically replying to Ang's post on the "worst spring anime season". The first take on this post was primarily concerned with perception of seasons as "bad" or "good", since the type of shows coming out at the time were of one specific genre. However, now that... Continue Reading →

Poisoning the First Impression

If you watch a first episode because somebody else told you to, does that then wreck your first impression of a show? Zeria mentions here "[a]ll too often I hear that anime bloggers say they don't watch YouTube videos". I can't really speak on anyone else's behalf, but the reason I don't watch analysis videos anymore... Continue Reading →

How Far is Too Far When it Comes to Bishonen?

Disclaimer: I’m gonna talk about touchy subjects in this. I don’t believe strongly in any religion so I should give you the heads-up about that. Also, it says "bishonen" in the title because that's what I'm talking about in the post, but the argument also applies to moe girls/bishoujo. I like (looking at) bishonen. I like... Continue Reading →

Houston, We Have a Consumption Problem…

At the heart of anime lies a dark truth... Being liberated from the stresses of my previous IT failures let me pursue some different things in international studies - things that, surprisingly, had a lot of crossover with sociology and anthropology. Sidebar: You might be surprised to learn this, but I was seriously considering pursuing... Continue Reading →

Making Old New Again "retro" should one go to call an anime or manga "retro"? This Angry Anime Bitches post on High School Girls has this statement near the beginning (slightly edited for clarity and blog standards): Girls’ High was a show that aired in Spring 2006 and is currently about 12 years old, making it a retro anime.... Continue Reading →

Why I Read Manga

This is a response to Avalinah's post, although adjusted to fit this here Spellbook. I remember digging through hundreds upon hundreds of library records one day, just to discover what my first manga was. It confused me and amused me to find out I'd only been reading manga circa 2009, starting with Case Closed volume 4.... Continue Reading →

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