Burn that Backlog!

Inspired by this Mashable article. As consumers, we all have a problem. It's one I've addressed in the past from a few angles more than once. However, in a media-saturated world, how can you cull that backlog? Note: Since I know the reason people accumulate backlogs of unconsumed content is because they have a lot... Continue Reading →

Manga March 2022 (2): To Your Eternity

Note I have discussed the manga in some capacity here already. Based on everything I know of her so far, I think Yoshitoki Oima is a creative genius. ...I might come back to eat my words one day, when I lose myself in a negative headspace again and then rediscover my passion for blogging, but... Continue Reading →

The Threshold of Relatability

Inspired by this post by Karandi. We fans of anime, manga and associated media tend to see ourselves in characters, but how much is too much? Seeing an aspect or two which we also recognise as influencing our own actions tends to garner comments of "#relatable" and "I love this character because they act/talk like... Continue Reading →

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