Manga Plus…What?

Trawling archives, as you may already know, is one of those things I like to when Shueisha (publishing company for Shonen Jump and a bunch of other magazines) opened up Manga Plus, I knew I was in for some serious reading. Manga Plus has generally been a positive experience in regards to usage, but... Continue Reading →


This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 5: No, Subaru Does

I guess half the fun of doing this collab is playing with the show's title. Theme this time: "Criticise everything Subaru says and does" (episodic, see themes and other takes on this episode here) It was a tough choice between praising the Prez and dissing Subaru, but diss tracks are all the rage right now,... Continue Reading →

Crunchyroll Clean Out

Y'know, there's something vaguely annoying for those who want to live a proper life and also finish all those anime before they're announced to disappear off Crunchyroll... I did have the series Hanasaku Iroha on my PTW at some point in time, but then axed it. Then this announcement told me I should watch it before... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – Production IG

Hmm…I don’t think I pay attention to this company much… Production IG is so named because of its founders’ surnames, Ishikawa and Goto. It was previously called IG Tatsunoko (“Tatsunoko” being the company the founders worked for) from its beginning in 1987 and then rebranded as its current name in 1993. It has had collaborations... Continue Reading →

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