The Main Appeals of Manga

I’ve been reading a lot of shoujo manga lately and it made me realise there’s one particular reason manga works so well. A good manga is one that you can devour volumes of quickly and then ask for more of, right? As I’ve been reading one volume of manga after another, I came to the... Continue Reading →


Summer 2019 First Impressions: Hot Blood and Even Hotter Spirits

Geddit? "Hot Spirits"? Senku in Dr Stone wants to make brandy?...Okay, my jokes are getting more terrible as I continue these summer premieres...Previously, I watched Sacred Beasts, Astra, Maou-sama Retry! and UchiMusume. This post has Fire Force, Dr Stone, Granbelm and Ensemble Stars. I'll be skipping the recap of DanMachi (I saw s1 at the start of the... Continue Reading →

Looking Back on Spring 2019

Again, I've forgotten to go back and recap my season until it's too late... Spring 2019 was pretty great for me, so I still don't quite understand rumblings this was a terrible season. At this point, you know the drill: best to worst. I'm still missing a few episodes so I'll put down my episode... Continue Reading →

Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 9 – Spheres and Vectors

On this episode of the Demon /Sayer/ Corps, Moya realises how out of her element she is, Astral sucks at haiku, Ply is completely absent…and as for me? That’s the punchline – I don’t want to spoil it.

The Moyatorium

Hihi! Happy July. We’re slowly catching up with this show, isn’t that neat?

  • Purple = Aria (Officially the team coordinator by now)
  • Green = Plyasm (Passed out for some reason)
  • Blue Astral (Surgery recoveree and Nezuko slave)
  • Red = Me (I got a [second] job! We’ll see how it goes…)

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode?[Mandatory]

I’m pretty happy with what I got, as always.

Any episode with action is a good episode in my book. The quality/intensity of fights only goes up from here on out, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

I’m not enthusiastic about fights with evil subordinates, so only a few moments got my attention. I fast-forwarded 5-10 seconds whenever a character started spouting unnecessary comments mid-battle.

2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it? (If it does) [Mandatory]

Yup. (It’s not a…

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