25 Days Anime Male Challenge – The End (Finally)

For the uninitiated, this is "day 25 + 10" of this challenge. Then again, if you don't know what this post is, maybe it's better to go from the beginning of this post series... Day 35 (Originally Day 25) - Ultimate Anime Crush Well, I've been pretty public about who I'd give that coveted "husbando"... Continue Reading →

25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Extra Days 9/10

...do these even count as "anime boys"? I mean, they're boys from different media which may or may not have anime... Day 33 (Extra Day 9) - Manga Only Eesh, I don’t have that much choice all round – I’m a fan of most manga because they’re anime and vice versa, meaning most of the... Continue Reading →

25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Extra Days 2/3

What constitutes the difference between a "fighter" and a "hero", anyway? After thinking about it, "hero" probably means "superhero" more than anything (although you can interpret that to mean any protagonist you like), while "fighter" would probably mean a specific subset of shonen. Day 25 (Extra Day 2) - Fighter When you think "shonen fighter... Continue Reading →

25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 22/23

Now that the numbers are all out of whack, the titles of the posts will follow the original numbering if that applies. Day 23 (Originally Day 22)  - Favourite Anime Swordsman Here's one category where I'm completely overloaded because of Touken Ranbu. Since I've had Kane-san in the past, it's pretty obvious I've been saving... Continue Reading →

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