Why Don’t People Like Anime Feminists?

Inspired by this Artifice post and...well, Anime Feminist itself. Obviously, some people do like anime feminists - hence the blog in question - but there are some who don't. Admittedly, my stance on the word "feminism" has been bugging me since 2015 or so, when someone asked me if I was a feminist. I said... Continue Reading →

Are People’s Tastes in Media Crap?

Inspired by a years-old post which still holds relevance to this very day. (It also contains a mild spoiler for Hypnosis Mic not addressed by Rhyme Anima.) Does liking evil things mean you condone them? This is a moral quandary which I still have to sit with, as an admin of a Hypnosis Mic server... Continue Reading →

Golden Kamuy vs. Angolmois: Culture Clash

Golden Kamuy and Angolmois are two historical series which so far have aired back-to-back (and the former will bookend the latter once the fall season is over), so it would be quite the obvious compare and contrast topic… There seemed to be something connecting Angolmois and Golden Kamuy together, aside from the fact they’re both... Continue Reading →

Hitomi’s Role in Hinamatsuri

“Has there ever been a grown-up I could trust? There hasn’t!” – Hitomi Mishima, Hinamatsuri With the advent of episode 10 of Hinamatsuri, the show has finally started to show more obvious signs of the discrepancy between adults and children like I said it might. However, it’s been doing that since the beginning. Initially, the... Continue Reading →

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