What Makes Ya Boy Kongming Tick?

I didn't think I'd like Paripi Koumei for this long, to be honest... In some ways, Paripi Koumei is not a series I'd particularly like. Ancient Chinese history bores me, to be honest - all that stuff about war strategy and tradition is more my dad's domain. Despite that, I love it - which is... Continue Reading →

Spring 2022 1st Episode Impressions: Paripi Koumei (Ya Boy Kongming!)

Let's get into it! Oof...when I heard Crunchyroll was almost about to lock everything behind a paywall, I thanked my lucky stars I was now able to pay for it, after many years relying on free legal streaming. As of me starting this post, I haven't shelled out for Crunchyroll yet, but if I clean... Continue Reading →

Hyping Up Spring 2022

I...think I'm ready to come back...? Talking with my anime club at their biannual barbeque made me realise something: I've been working through the spreadsheet so long that I'm starting to miss simulcasts. I also have less time on my hands overall now, due to the job I mention in this post. So I'm sitting... Continue Reading →

Sending Off Summer 2020

As always, spoilers below. Fugou Keiji Not quite what I expected in the end. It went from "kinda silly anime about a rich detective and a poor detective (in relation to said rich detective) fighting crime" to "rich dude tries to prevent an unlimited energy source from being revealed to the world" - to put... Continue Reading →

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