Must-read Monthly Monday (May 2019 ed.)

That's a lot of Ms in the title... If it's not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 22nd of April 2019 to the 20th of May 2019. Navigation: Other People's Reads | Spellbook Offerings|Coming up next... Other People's Reads It wouldn't be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour... Continue Reading →


Demon Slayer Corps Collab Ep. 3: Unstoppable Tanjiro Meets an Immovable Boulder

We're catching fast as 4 people on one collab can go, at least. Ply thinks I'm going too fast, in fact, but I guess what happens behind the scenes stays behind the scenes. Colour coding of the text: "Red violet": Le me (Aria/MagicConan14) Maroon: Moya [link to blog] Blue: The ever-late-to-the-collab AstralGemini [link to... Continue Reading →

How Far is Too Far When it Comes to Bishonen?

Disclaimer: I’m gonna talk about touchy subjects in this. I don’t believe strongly in any religion so I should give you the heads-up about that. Also, it says "bishonen" in the title because that's what I'm talking about in the post, but the argument also applies to moe girls/bishoujo. I like (looking at) bishonen. I like... Continue Reading →

Spring 2019 First Ep. Impressions: Finally Reaching the Finish Line

[...I think I've run out of witty opening lines. This post is way too late, anyway.]Hitoribocchi, Yu-no, Fruits Basket, Demon Slayer, We Never Learn, Kono Oto Tomare, Sarazanmai, Carole and Tuesday, Fairy Gone and Midnight Occult Civil Servants are all done. This is for Rendai Utena, OPM, BSD, Shoumetsu Toshi, RobiHachi, King of Prism and Shield Hero's new cour.Page jumpsRendai UtenaONE PUNCH!!!Bungou Stray DogsShoumetsu ToshiRobiHachiShield Hero King... Continue Reading →

Houston, We Have a Consumption Problem…

At the heart of anime lies a dark truth... Being liberated from the stresses of my previous IT failures let me pursue some different things in international studies - things that, surprisingly, had a lot of crossover with sociology and anthropology. Sidebar: You might be surprised to learn this, but I was seriously considering pursuing... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – Zero-G

To be honest, I still have no idea why all these studios are based near Suginami… To continue with the weird but true fact that the base of anime operations in Japan is Suginami, here’s another studio from there. Kabushikigaisha Zero-G hasn’t existed for long – in fact, it’s only been around since June of... Continue Reading →

Making Old New Again "retro" should one go to call an anime or manga "retro"? This Angry Anime Bitches post on High School Girls has this statement near the beginning (slightly edited for clarity and blog standards): Girls’ High was a show that aired in Spring 2006 and is currently about 12 years old, making it a retro anime.... Continue Reading →

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