Can “Pretty” Really Carry a Series?

This is somewhat related to the issues raised in this post. Meta context: Another posts found in the depths of my drafts folder, except this one actually had the start of something I wanted to say anyway due to it being relevant this season (you'll see why in the post itself). As per the opening... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Man (and Other Questions Relating to Hot Guys)

In which a few bloggers discuss bishonen, BL and the extreme lack of older men starring in anime. Some of these questions seem spontaneous, but they do have a basis in the post I used as inspiration. Key: Bold = prompt (written by Aria prior to opening the discussion up)Blue = AriaPurple = MoyaAmber =... Continue Reading →

How Far is Too Far When it Comes to Bishonen?

Disclaimer: I’m gonna talk about touchy subjects in this. I don’t believe strongly in any religion so I should give you the heads-up about that. Also, it says "bishonen" in the title because that's what I'm talking about in the post, but the argument also applies to moe girls/bishoujo. I like (looking at) bishonen. I like... Continue Reading →

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