Blogiversary Time Again!

Part 1 of the saga here and part 2 here. Once again, it was that time of the year where Aria became introspective about blog stats the yearly record within the spellbook. (Admittedly, this time she'd almost forgotten about the blogiversary when the past few times were a big deal - the biggest priorities, from... Continue Reading →

2 Years of the Spellbook! (5th Day of Anime 2019)

Another delayed milestone. Part 1 of the saga here. After suddenly having to write most of the 12 Days of Aniblogging in advance, Aria was pretty tired of writing...but there was still work to do. Specifically, a skipped milestone last month meant that she had to look at the Spellbook's stats for the new year.... Continue Reading →

How Do You Feel About Removing Followers?

Do you remove your followers, or are you just happy to get some kind of interaction with others? There are some pretty weird people on WordPress - some guys who'll do whatever they can to sell their products, people who float around doing whatever (normally they're storywriters or infrequent contributors to their own blogs) and... Continue Reading →

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