Reviewing What to Do With Reviews

Inspired by Lyn. Why are reviews so common? Reviews have their own built-in audience: people who are on the fence about the contentpeople who want to know things like content warnings for themselves or otherspeople who've already consumed the content and want to know others' opinions on it 2. tends to get the least... Continue Reading →

Write What You Want (Or, the Not-Very-Stringent Guide to Winning Followers)

You ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? When I read Jane's post on Artiswitch and noticed her hesitance in covering it for a so-called "lack of doing the work justice", I go, "Stuff and nonsense! Write about what you want." For instance (and I promise this is relevant!), I could talk about the package I... Continue Reading →

The One With the Podcasts

In which discovering a podcast (on Wikipedia, no less!) helped a blogger put their own identity issues to rest. (...yes, the title is a Friends reference, although I don't watch much of that show in the first place.) I was reading about feminist translation - as one does in a post-grad course about translation -... Continue Reading →

The Write Process (2)

The first post is here, although this was also inspired by this Side of Fiction post. Sidenote: This tacking of numbers to the end of post titles seems to be a completely new thing, spurred on by my return to the blogging scene. I don't know if my return will last as long as my... Continue Reading →

Blogiversary Time Again!

Part 1 of the saga here and part 2 here. Once again, it was that time of the year where Aria became introspective about blog stats the yearly record within the spellbook. (Admittedly, this time she'd almost forgotten about the blogiversary when the past few times were a big deal - the biggest priorities, from... Continue Reading →

#Controversed Week 2

See Moya's list of prompts here and week 1 here. I'm not doing all the prompts this time. This post is rather large, even without addressing all the prompts... Nobody is (or should be) objective, but how biased do you think you are? What are some biases in your writing, and how do you try... Continue Reading →

Must-read Monthly Monday (Aug. ’20 ed.)

Other People's Reads It wouldn't be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people's archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period... WordPress Reader — The Double-Edged Sword by Renard Moreau - A rookie mistake on blogging platforms is tag spamming. Blogging is an endeavour that requires... Continue Reading →

Why I Blog For Myself

It's that question again: who do we blog for? Meta note: This was, for the most part, written about this time last year (for readers in the future, "this time last year" means about July 2019). Therefore, some of the things I say in it may be out of date already, especially with people coming... Continue Reading →

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