9 Years of Manga (10th Day of Anime 2019)

Okay, here's the scenario. I was young - far too young - in late 2010 and borrowed a volume of manga, after having been introduced around that time to the Wii game which brought me back to anime. (Well, there might still be records from 2009, but 2010 is the date of the earliest records... Continue Reading →

Animanga Festival #5 – Taking a Journey through the Anime and Manga Worlds

Yes, I'm part of the Animanga Festival. Meta context: I skipped #2 because in 2015 - that is, before I made the jump to WordPress - I made a Tumblr post on this very topic and it reflects both my naivete and its rather fillery nature in the context of the blog it's hosted on. I'm not... Continue Reading →

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