Advance Reader’s Copies

After prowling about Sally After Words, I discovered something interesting... ...and that "something" was that you can get ARC manga. I'd only heard of an ARC from the book bloggers I'd read posts from, but an ARC is an "advance(d?) reader's copy", given by the publishers (sometimes for free!) to produce hype for upcoming books.... Continue Reading →

Why I Read Manga

This is a response to Avalinah's post, although adjusted to fit this here Spellbook. I remember digging through hundreds upon hundreds of library records one day, just to discover what my first manga was. It confused me and amused me to find out I'd only been reading manga circa 2009, starting with Case Closed volume 4.... Continue Reading →

Criticism of Ran Takeda in Fugitive Six

Ths is inspired by, and a reply to, Oncasteve's criticisms of Daito and Shoto in Ready Player One. Although Daito and Shoto can be used to generalise the entirety of Ready Player One's Japan, my example is not as deep but shows signs of being similar. That is, Ran Takeda of the Lorien Legacies book... Continue Reading →

Jon’s Creator Showcase (February 2019)

Hopefully you didn't miss the announcement, because here comes the Showcase. This month, we had 43 submissions, so thank you to everyone who made this possible. More details before we get to the good stuff: Breaking stuff down by category seems appropriate - although I've given people who create material from outside this blog's boundaries... Continue Reading →

3 Days 3 Quotes #2

You can see the first quote here. Thanks again to Lina at Tiny Ugly Animal for letting me do this tag. Now, today's quote: “If you open the cover of a book, you’ll encounter someone’s imagination there. And so, turning through the pages, you’ll stock up imagination in your heart. When you’re alone and you’re sad,... Continue Reading →

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